Posted: August 19, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in About Us

Welcome to the Final Girl Support Group!

We are horror geeks. We are also two ladies and a man who care about feminist issues. In a genre where female fans are so blatantly ignored, we want to make our presence known. And, on a less serious note, we love horror and want to include you in our discussions. As we find and review new horror, revisit or discover old gems or analyze gender issues, we encourage you to follow along and tell us what you think.

You won’t always agree with us. We don’t always agree with each other. ┬áBut I like to think the discussions themselves will be respectful and rewarding. Come back soon for proper intros from the FGSG crew, coverage of Monster Mania 15 and thoughts on new horror finds. Thank you!

-Jenny Dreadful

  1. AmyLikesToDraw says:

    First off, ‘grats on the new blog. I can’t wait to see it grow!

    On Last Exorcism, looking forward to seeing it (trying to talk the Mr. into going to the midnight showing tonight).
    You made the joke about found footage becoming as cliche as the drowned girl with dark hair. Do you think the “crab walk” or bodies-dont-do-that contortionism I’ve seen in just about all exorcism movies (and I see in the poster/trailer) is already overdone, or did they do something different with it (hopefully)? I do, of course, know I can be guilty of that short-attention-span of the modern movie goer in that I feel like if I’ve seen it twice, it’s already old. Hoping they give it a new and horrifying twist. Excuse the pun.

    • Thank you very much! I am excited about giving this a try.

      Did you happen to see Last Exorcism yet? Would be very interested in your thoughts.

      It’s funny about the possessed contorting you mentioned. I can see how that could be considered overdone in one respect. Thinking about it another way, though, it seems like there aren’t very many “big-name” exorcism films at all. There are plenty of Religious horror films, but exorcisms; The Exorcist obviously and the sequels, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and this one. For real, how many others are there? (I’m excluding what I’m sure is a flood of bad exorcism b-movies, but I’m open to discovering new gems if someone’s got them.)

      3 out of 3 films doing unnatural body movements is a bit telling. Would be interesting to see more variety. I will say, though, that that aspect is very over-played in this film’s marketing. There is not nearly as much contortion as they imply… most but not all of it is contained in one scene. And it’s closer to the Emily Rose approach of “Bodies CAN do that, but they don’t want to. Are you crazy?”

      Somewhat related; One of my favorite non-exorcism filcks that plays with terrifying and unnatural body movements is Splinter. Have you seen that one?

  2. Wow! The blog looks great. I look forward to more reviews in the days to come!

    Personally, I would love to read reviews of Jennifer’s Body and High Tension.

    Welcome to the web, Jenny Dread!

    • Thank you very much! Me too! Your review interests are noted! I am going to work hard to cover new films as they happen, but we’re going to want to discuss previous films and themes as well.

      I can say with near certainty that High Tension will be mentioned more than once. We are in love with the more feminine AND more brutal approach of French horror. We were also just discussing the main character while considering a Final Girl retrospective. Can’t wait!

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