September Horror Line-up

Posted: September 1, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News, Television

Jenny Dreadful here. It’s September 1st. What can we expect from this month in horror? (Dates reflect USA release schedule)

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Opens in theaters September 10th. Say what you will about the quality of this series, we love to see beautiful and powerful ladies punching monsters. How many action/horror titles feature such strong female characters? Not many. I should also disclose that I’m totally a geek for the original games.  I’m pretty excited about the references I see in these trailers. I’ll be there!


Opens in theaters September 17th. If I have to see this trailer in the theater one more time, I think I’m gonna scream. They’re pushing this one really hard… resulting in a chorus of disappointed groans nationwide when the M. Night name appears on-screen. With that said, the premise does look interesting. I’m not expecting much, but will be sure to read reviews when the release is closer.

Being Human – Series 2:

Coming to DVD September 21st. If you haven’t seen this British show yet, it’s worth checking out. We’re working our way through the first season still, but it’s been lots of fun. A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share an apartment. No really. One part room-mate comedy, one part horror and one part angst. It’s better than it sounds and very hard to turn off.


Opens in theaters September 24th. We’ve been excited about this one all year. It’s been a festival hit and reviews within the horror community have been stellar. If rumors are true, this could be one of best horror films of the year. Looking forward to it.


Coming to DVD September 28th. We saw this film on Valentine’s Day. It was very romantic. As silly as “three people abandoned on a ski-lift” may sound, the result is terrifying. I know I’ll be grabbing this dvd for my collection. Highly recommended.

The Killer Inside Me:

Coming to DVD September 28th. An adaptation of a crime novel by Jim Thompson. We can’t tell you much more about this one. Supposed to be fairly brutal. Reviews are mixed. Will certainly view it at some point and report back.

Nightmares in Red, White & Blue:

Coming to DVD September 28th. A documentary about American horror films narrated by Lance Henriksen? Sign us up! Can’t wait.

There are certainly many straight-to-video options due to be released, but I have to stop somewhere. Any thoughts about these upcoming films? If I had to pick one, my money’s on Buried. What are you the most excited about?

  1. I saw the trailer for Devil in two different theaters – one in NJ and one in Philly and the reaction of groans from the audience was the same. I have never heard people react to a trailer that way before. Mostly, even if a trailer is silly, people will just laugh, but moans? This was a first for me!

    I need to check out the Resident Evil movies. They look like fun.

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