On the Feminist Nature of this Blog

Posted: September 10, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in About Us, Editorial

There’s a common misconception about feminists that we’re just looking for something to be angry about. We’re just really uptight really. And we love outrage. Outrage! Believe it or not, we don’t actually want to be angry. The ladies of this group aren’t going to make every post about being women or gender issues. We are, in fact, just here to have fun and discover new horror media. We want you to follow along with us and participate in our discussions.

We, the hardcore ladies of horror, are not going anywhere anytime soon. We are committed. However, it should be known that we put up with a lot of shit in this genre. We do it happily, with a sense of humor even, because the results of finding something truly good are so rewarding. With this in mind, we ask you to listen when we do address feminist issues and to try to understand our perspective.

We attended the Monster Mania 15 convention in New Jersey in late August. We had a fantastic time and anxiously await the next one. Looking around, though, we noted that there were women everywhere. I mean it. Close to a 50/50 gender split. And we’re not talking about bored girlfriends and booth babes. Real female horror fans rooting around for good dvds, meeting guests, selling their wares, etc… So this leads us to an interesting question.

Why is the horror community such a boy’s club?

Have all of these guys just not caught on yet? Many of my favorite sources of horror news and reviews address a straight male audience exclusively. How we’re going to love all the boobs and seeing a particular actress naked and so on. Regardless of how we feel about the boobs… and we might like them just fine… it’s an assumption that excludes us. Likewise; Vendors of horror apparel rarely stock female sizes, male horror fans are often dismissive of women interested in the genre and the films and marketing are almost always targeted to men. And wait a minute… now that I’m on the subject, how often do we see male nudity in these flicks anyway?* I could go on if I wanted to, but that’s more than enough. Listing transgressions isn’t the point.

We’re not angry. We just want you to think about it. We’re out here and we’ve seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre as many times as you have. Probably more times than you have. Don’t be shocked when we know what we’re talking about and don’t freak out. Let’s watch some horror flicks. What have you seen lately?

*And stop complaining so much when we do see it, boys. Fair’s fair.

Yours truly,

Jenny Dreadful and StayFrosty

Hardcore Horror Ladies


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