This Week in Horror, September 28, 2010

Posted: September 28, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

About a month ago, I did a September lineup of all upcoming horror films. I think it was a good start, but the idea can be improved. I would like to move to a weekly run-down to keep things more interesting. Let’s get started.

Although I did cover some of this week’s releases in the previously mentioned blog post, I’d like to do a quick recap and cover some new ground. This is a very good week for horror fans. And here’s why…

DVD Releases, September 28th

Fangoria FrightFest

This is a collection of 8 films, previously exclusive to Blockbuster, hitting DVD today. We’ve only seen one of these so far, but you can expect about the same level of quality found in Horrorfest’s 8 Films to Die For collections. Films available include: Dark House, Fragile: A Ghost Story, Grimm Love, The Haunting, Hunger, Pig Hunt, Road Kill and  The Tomb. Trailers on Youtube linked from each title. And you can read our review of Road Kill here. We will be sure to post more thoughts on individual films as we get a chance to see them. Would love to hear recommendations and thoughts if you have them too.


Mentioned this in the September line-up, but it bears repeating. See this movie. Three people stuck on a ski lift may sound like a laughable premise, but you won’t be laughing.

The Killer Inside Me

Still haven’t seen this, so can’t comment much. I imagine it’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of the book by Jim Thompson or crime novels in general.


This Rock & Roll vampire comedy, boasting a number of classic rocker cameos, looks like goofy fun. I worry that the jokes could get old pretty fast, but this could be a perfect movie night rental. Just don’t expect too much.

Theatre Releases, October 1st

Case 39

Stay away from this one. There’s a reason Jodelle Ferland, the creepy girl from the Silent Hill film, looks so young in this trailer. It was made 3 years ago and has been condemned to film limbo, seeing at least 5 release date shifts, until now. Paramount knows this film is a mess. Why release it now?

Chain Letter

This looks TERRIBLE. Sorry, you guys. That’s all I’ve got. :) Limited release hits theaters Friday. Looks like they should’ve gone straight to video.

Hatchet II

This is a big week for director, Adam Green. His film, Frozen, was released on DVD this week and the long-awaited sequel to his slasher homage, Hatchet, is coming to a limited number of theaters this Friday. I’d personally pick Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon over Hatchet any day, but fans of the original should be happy to see Victor Crowley stalk the swamps once more.

Let Me In

And here’s the big one. Let Me In, the remake of universally applauded Swedish vampire film, Let the Right One In, comes to theaters on Friday. Although I detest the trend of constant remakes, early reviews indicate that this film is excellent. Rotten Tomatoes currently ranks it as 100% if you value those numbers and I’ve even heard it referred to as “a perfect film.” Fascinating. Despite any objections to the film being made in the first place, I am very excited to see what all the fuss is about.

My pick this week?

Ideally, you should rent Frozen and then go see Let Me In. If I have to pick one, the word on the street indicates that Let Me In is the hot ticket. Let’s go see it and report back here next week. :)

  1. Frozen was really, really terrible. The stupidity in that movie just destroys any inkling of suspension of disbelief.

    • Well, I disagree with you there. I tend to dislike speculation of what’s the right thing to do in a horror movie situation and so on, but I don’t mind characters making stupid mistakes.

      • You don’t have to take it very far. It was just a bit too implausible, especially what with the wolves and everything.

      • The wolves are a bit questionable, but I really liked them and what they brought to the story. It does make the title a bit misleading. The situation is extremely unlikely, almost impossible, but I enjoyed accepting it for what it was and just seeing how the characters reacted. Like Open Water.

  2. I wish I had a minute free this entire weekend to see Let Me In… I think I’m going to wrangle the Mister into going with me Monday or Tuesday, because I’ve been so excited about this film. I can already tell that I’m going to think the kids are perfectly cast, and I confess I’ve always liked Elias Koteas.
    I just hope they don’t spoil the mood set by photography and good acting with unnecessary CGI.

    • I hope you get a chance to see it! I’m hoping I can wrangle the blog crew into seeing it this weekend, but can’t say for sure. I didn’t feel this way when the project was first announced, but I’m rather looking forward to seeing what they did. The film is supposed to play out very similarly to the original, but I hear the conclusions drawn and the mood are very different. Curious.

      I hope they don’t ruin it with CGI as well. However, if they do… one must admit the original had at least 1 bad CGI scene and that was still amazing. (Battle cats! I give them a pass though. I can’t imagine getting real cats to do that.)

  3. Yeah, didn’t like Open Water either, so I guess I’m not built for that kind of movie.

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