This Week in Horror: October 11, 2010

Posted: October 11, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

Welcome back!  I’m here to bring you an update on the week’s horror releases as usual.

First, a follow-up on last week’s selections. Despite a promise to open “Everywhere” on October 8th, Buried is nowhere to be found. We have a single theater in the Philadelphia area showing the film and some states don’t have any theaters at all. What is going on? I can’t find any official comment on the matter, but I suppose the film got pulled after an unsuccessful limited run. This is terribly disappointing. More news if we have it. (Speaking of disappointment, don’t watch The Rig. That cover with the giant monster lied to us. Lied to us! We might post a mini-review soon.)

Second, just a quick note on the state of our site. We’re a relatively unknown blog and we’re still finding our voice and establishing our article formats. We understand that the feminism and horror combination is unlikely to appeal to a wide audience. Even so, I’m happy to see that we’ve been picking up more regular readers lately. It’s particularly satisfying to see more and more feed views. So thank you for checking out Final Girl Support Group! Please do say hello if you get a chance.

Now, on to the horror movies… I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that it’s a TERRIBLE week for new horror films. Although there are many genre theater releases coming this month, there is nothing opening this week and the DVD selection is questionable. The good news is that this gives us all a chance to catch up on titles we’ve been unable to see.

On to the DVD list! Which seems to be a list of B-movies and touchy subjects…

DVD Releases, October 12th

(Blu-Ray exclusives not included)

Coffin Rock

In this Australian thriller, a married woman’s one-night-stand with a young stranger leads to obsession and terror. Presented by the producer of Wolf Creek, this film has been compared to Cape Fear and Fatal Attraction. Reviews are average. I don’t know details, but steer clear of this if you’re bothered by animal cruelty. (That would be me.)

The Dark Lurking

An Australian Sci-fi thriller. Looks like a low-budget mix of Aliens and The Descent… with zombies? Very few reviews available. Looks like it could be a good time if you’re up for a B-movie.


British horror comedy. Even more than usual in the genre, this film is made for men. A group of guys with lady trouble (and at least one with “Nice Guy Syndrome”* by the sound of it) happen upon a town of women turned into zombie-like “Man-Hating Cannibals.” Wackiness ensues I guess? Jake West (Razor Blade Smile, Evil Aliens) doesn’t have a particularly good track record and I’m dubious about this newest entry. I’m fairly easy-going and it does look like a fun movie, but it also looks pretty sexist. The only thing that gives me pause is the presence of Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith from Doctor Who! <3) and Danny Dyer (Sevarance). I like those guys. What are they doing in this movie? Reviews are a mixed bag ranging from “fun” to “misogynistic.” Take from that what you will.

* My phrasing. Nice Guy Syndrome, natural enemy of the feminist. “Girls don’t like nice guys! They only like assholes! wah wah wah…”

Jonah Hex

Well. I was originally fooled by this trailer into thinking it might be stupid fun, but it bombed at the box office and I haven’t seen a single positive review. If we watch it anyway, at least we were warned.

Lost Boys: The Thirst

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I thought Lost Boys: The Tribe abused my childhood quite enough. :/

Manson, My Name is Evil (aka: Leslie, My Name is Evil)

I am intrigued and don’t really know what to expect from this. A biting satire about the Manson family and 1960’s America, I imagine this will offend a lot of people. If you enjoyed the art-house sensibilities and dark humor of Natural Born Killers, this might interest you.

My pick this week?

I would rather recommend re-visiting old gems or catching up on selections you’ve missed, but if I had to pick from this list based on trailers and research alone… Manson, My Name is Evil. We won’t be watching any of these this week. We are happy to say we are visiting a film festival instead. More info on that later!

Thanks for reading!

  1. I’d say Doghouse if fairly sexist. Which is too bad, because it’s otherwise decent.

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