This Week in Horror: October 26, 2010

Posted: October 26, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

Greetings! Our adventure with the Philly Film Fest has finally come to a close. We have been so busy juggling the various films and real life, but we owe you some reviews. Reviews of Black Swan, The Last Circus (aka A Sad Trumpet Ballad), Mutant Girl Squad and Paranormal Activity 2 coming soon.

Even more exciting, Halloween is coming up in less than a week! I hope you all have some creepy fun planned. And, as always, there is a selection of horror films vying for your attention during the spooky festivities. Here’s what’s coming up:

Theatre Releases, October 29th
Amer (limited)

JennyDreadful: This is an extremely limited run covering only New York and LA last time I checked, but Friday is considered the official U.S. Release. This is a French/Belgian homage to giallo. We had a chance to see this at a festival in July. I’d say it’s closer to a surreal art film than a thriller. To be honest, it takes more than a little patience to sit through, but it handles some of the giallo themes beautifully.

StayFrosty: I must admit this one stuck with me longer than I thought it would.  Not perfect, but an interesting take on the giallo genre.

Monsters (limited)

A relationship drama set within a science fiction setting. The film follows two people as they navigate an “infected zone” after an alien invasion. With occasional appearances by giant tentacled monstrosities. Another extremely limited theater release to New York and LA, but this film will be coming to more theaters gradually throughout the next 6 weeks. Luckily, Monsters is already available to view On Demand. This film is highly rated.

Saw 3D

No gore in this trailer, but there is heavily suggested torture.

What a trailer that is. Yes. Apparently, watching this movie WILL KILL YOU. That’s a very silly marketing approach, guys. What else is there to say? It’s another Saw movie. Supposedly the last. After 5 tiresome sequels before this release, we sure hope so.

DVD Releases, October 26th

The concept of a plane terrorized by a Lovecraftian sky squid delights me to my very core. Unfortunately, reviews indicate this film is a big disappointment.

Bitter Feast

A comedy/horror flick about a chef exacting revenge on a harsh food critic.

House (aka Hausu)

Jenny Dreadful: Only recently discovered here in the States, this is psychedelic 70’s insanity from Japan. Described as “An episode of Scooby Doo as directed by Dario Argento.” That’s a good start, but there really is no describing this film. Unless you hate fun, you must see this.

StayFrosty: Totally nuts.  It’s like what going mad must feel like, except in movie form.  But it does deliver a completely original experience.


A British thriller about a young man’s desperate attempt to save his girlfriend from a sinister truck driver. It amuses me to type “sinister truck driver.” Reviews are mixed.

Lake Placid 3

StayFrosty: I actually watched part of this on SyFy before Sharktopus. Part was enough.  If I am turning off a giant rampaging animal movie, you know it’s gotta be terrible.  If possible, the CGI was even worse than usual for SyFy, and of course, the plot and acting was nonexistent.  Very poor.


A French zombie thriller. At the risk of generalizing too much, I will watch just about any French horror film at this point. Although I hear it’s nothing ground-breaking as far as zombie fare goes, I’m very curious to see their take on the subject.


The grooviest of British zombie biker movies!

I realize that there are multiple exciting TV events happening here in the States as well. Such as The Walking Dead series starting on Halloween and a broadcast of the British zombie reality series, Dead Set, throughout this week. Not having cable television, I am not the best person to report on these matters. Hope the links are helpful enough.

Our pick this week?

Jenny Dreadful: I’m really excited about Monsters, but I’m going to have to go with House for Halloween week. It’s a good party movie because it’s crazy and fun. Outside this selection, I’d recommend Trick ‘r Treat! If you have a Blu-Ray player, StayFrosty has a different recommendation for you…

StayFrosty: The Alien Anthology Blu-ray – This would be my strong recommendation for the week for any Blu-ray owner.  It has 2 versions of each movie, and even MORE extras than the original DVD boxed set.  Word on the street says the blu-ray transfer is beautiful.  And c’mon, it’s the Alien series!  What’s not to love?  Here’s a link to Amazon where they list EVERYTHING on all the discs.  I can’t wait to sit down with this set!

That does sound really great. Well, that’s what we’ve got. Happy Halloween, everyone! See you next week!

  1. crowbait says:

    I’m totally excited to see Monsters but I have to say, when a trailer features not one but two accolades from “Ain’t It Cool News” a giant red flag goes up.

    • I didn’t even notice that, but I can always count on you to catch it! That is suspicious, but I’ve heard good things elsewhere. Clearly, we need to Zune it in the near future and save some ticket money. :)

  2. Kevin Allen Jr. says:

    I happen to see Psychomania earlier this year. It’s actually better than it sounds like it would be. Especially if you are into Mods vs. Rockers antipathy or Nihilism.

  3. ronBunxious says:

    Watched Altitude the other day. Meh. It’s okay, closer to not-bad tho, IMO. Felt closer to a supernatural thriller/drama than horror… if that makes sense. The monster effects are on par with the caliber of movie presentation, it’s Canadian. And comic-book-y. And so am I. Interesting story, with a touch of “bittersweet” to it.

    Anyways, keep blogging and keep tweeting! And I’d like to hear some more “feminist perspective” reviews… since I’m rather ignorant to that perspective. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for your reply, ronBunxious! It’s great to hear from new readers. A Canadian comic-booky reader no less! Excellent.

      And thanks a lot for weighing in on Altitude. I’ve been pretty disappointed with what I’ve heard about the flick so far, but I am definitely going to watch it anyway. The sky octopus compels me. I’m glad to hear it’s not completely terrible.

      Will indeed keep blogging and tweeting! I’m kind of sorry that the blog’s content has been mostly horror news lately and not as many reviews and feminist editorials. It’s been hard to find the time to write. I’m hoping we’ll be able to turn around more of our planned articles soon. We’re working on some thoughts about the Rape/Revenge sub-genre now and hope to discuss other relevant topics like Final Girls and the experiences of female fans eventually.

      It’s really great to hear that you’re interested and we look forward to chatting with you again sometime. Hope you had a great Halloween!

  4. ronBunxious says:

    Thanks. Hope you had a good one too. I was going to watch Monsters, but I read a review that it’s more of a Romeo/Juliet thing rather than run-from-the-killer-squids thing. Didn’t sound very Halloween-ish to me.

    But I managed to watch Splinter on Halloween. Wow. What a great horror movie for a seemingly limited budget. Not reeeeeally scary, but some parts are nice and disturbing. And of note, for this blog anyway, it does a bit of role reversal, sorta, with the female lead having the “mostly guys common knowledge” about things like cars and camping and being the “firecracker.”

    Opposite her, one guy (her boyfriend) doesn’t know his way around the cars, but is science-based and smart. The other is a hardened criminal with a drive to do penitence on noble, but illegal, pretenses… interesting to see how the male leads view each other and the female lead too. Each are given their time to shine and each are given their moments of weakness too.

    Yeah, and, IMO it’s a nice short story and a fun horror flick too.

    • Yeah, I was thinking our October releases could have been a bit more Halloweeny myself.

      Splinter, however, was an excellent choice! I agree with everything you’ve written and hope anyone reading this discussion will consider it a strong recommend. (Unless gore is a deal-breaker. It’s not excessive, but it is occasionally brutal.) It’s a great monster movie and I did appreciate seeing some play with gender roles. It was also really refreshing for us to find something good and original made here in the States. We mostly look to other countries for quality horror. Oh the remakes. How we seem to love our remakes. D:

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