This Week in Horror: November 15, 2010

Posted: November 15, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

Hello again, readers. So…Wow. Skyline was terrible!  Unlikeable characters, a meandering plot and the fx weren’t even that good. If only laughing at the ending was enjoyable enough to justify seeing the film, but no! Too bad. Final Girl Support Group LOVES sci-fi horror. Oh well. Let’s hope this week’s releases are better.

No horror titles coming to theaters this week since no one wants to compete with Harry Potter. Fortunately, those films are usually pretty creepy anyway. Now, let’s look over this week’s DVD selection:

DVD Releases, November 16th
Best Worst Movie

So, you’ve all seen Troll 2, right? Of course you have, right? Wait wait wait… If you haven’t, by god, you will pick up a cheap copy or watch it on Netflix Watch Instantly and you will like it. It is a masterpiece of terrible film-making. Bad acting, bad monster costumes, painted on freckles, “corn sex”… this 1990 “classic” is, to many hardcore fans, the best worst movie. If you’re not convinced, may I present the most infamous 20 second clip?

Best Worst Movie is a feature-length documentary about Troll 2 and its recent cult following directed by the film’s child star, Michael Stephenson. Much of the documentary follows dentist George Hardy, the father in Troll 2, as he discovers and enjoys his cult icon status, but it includes footage of the director and other cast members as well. A bittersweet look at a failure accidentally stumbling into succcess, this is highly recommended.

Don’t Look Back

A French film by Marina de Van (In My Skin) starring Sophie Marceau (The World is Not Enough) and Monica Bellucci (Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Irreversible). A psychological horror film about identity and perception issues? Featuring elements of body horror? Directed by and starring beautiful and talented women? Although reviews are mixed so far… Yes. Please. Coming to both DVD and Netflix Watch Instantly tomorrow.

Exhibit A

A cinema verite-style film from the UK, Exhibit A presents “found footage” depicting a family man’s frightening downward spiral and the events leading to terrifying murders. Reviews of this film are scarce.

Fear Me Not

A Danish thriller by Kristian Levring starring Ulrich Thomsen (The Broken, Centaurion). A man desperate for change volunteers to be a test subject for experimental anti-depressants. The experiment is soon cancelled due to dangerous side-affects, but he is unwilling to stop taking the medication. The results, with nods to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, are violent and disturbing. This film is well-reviewed.

A Lure: Teen Fight Club

Ugh. High school girls are abducted and forced to fight each other to the death. Slashers meet Fight Club. Boring.

Night of the Hunter

The Night of the Hunter—incredibly, the only film the great actor Charles Laughton ever directed—is truly a standalone masterwork. A horror movie with qualities of a Grimm fairy tale, it stars a sublimely sinister Robert Mitchum (Cape Fear, The Friends of Eddie Coyle) as a traveling preacher named Harry Powell (he of the tattooed knuckles), whose nefarious motives for marrying a fragile widow, played by Shelley Winters (A Place in the Sun, The Diary of Anne Frank) are uncovered by her terrified young children. Graced by images of eerie beauty and a sneaky sense of humor, this ethereal, expressionistic American classic—also featuring the contributions of actress Lillian Gish (Intolerance, Duel in the Sun) and writer James Agee—is cinema’s quirkiest rendering of the battle between good and evil.

I’ve never heard of this highly-praised film before and I am ashamed. It sounds like a pretty amazing classic. Although this film is already available on DVD, the new Criterion Collection release is worth mentioning due to a new restored high-def transfer, bonus footage, commentary, interviews and more. I know I’ll be seeing this one as soon as possible.

Possession of David Oreilly

A supernatural horror film from the UK about a man being stalked by mysterious entities. I love hauntings and am cautiously interested in this film, but I suspect disappointment. Reviews are fair.


Light cartoony violence and gore in this trailer

The trailer tells you everything you need to know. From the directors of Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police, a film about beautiful and deadly robot geishas. As mentioned in our Mutant Girls Squad review, RoboGeisha is ridiculously fun. Recommended if you’re into Japanese blood-soaked insanity, but it’s certainly not for everyone. How do machine gun breasts make you feel?

My Pick this Week?

Out of the films that are new to DVD this week, I’d have to go with Best Worst Movie!


  1. StayFrosty says:

    I would strongly recommend “Night of the Hunter” for those who haven’t seen it – it’s amazing. Personally, I am going to check out “Don’t Look Back”. I enjoyed “In My Skin” and I love to see more work from talented female horror directors (and actresses)!


  2. StayFrosty says:

    Is it now? I believe Netflix and I will have an appointment very soon…

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