This Week in Horror: November 30, 2010

Posted: November 30, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

Hello there, readers. I hope you all had an excellent few days of gluttony and sloth this past week. We certainly did. Even though it’s time for many of us to return to the usual routine, the bright side is that this is an EXCELLENT week for new horror. Let’s take a look.

Theater releases, December 3rd
Black Swan

We just posted our very positive review this morning. What more can we say? See it. It’s incredible.

Dead Awake

Dead Awake, A supernatural thriller starring Nick Stahl (Carnivale, Sin City), Rose McGowan (Grindhouse, The Doom Generation) and Amy Smart (Mirrors, Seventh Moon), is seeing a limited theater release this Friday in NYC, LA, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. A funeral parlor employee investigates a decade-old mystery eventually leading him to the secrets of mortality.

Prey (aka Proie)

Although I did try to find a proper trailer for this film that I could place into this article, I chased down a bunch of dead ends. This page at Bloody Disgusting is the only reliable source I can find: (Thanks, guys!)

This French survival thriller by Antoine Blossier follows a farmer and his family as they witness troubling unnatural behavior in the local wildlife and soon realize they are being hunted by a mysterious predator. (Animals gone bad? Monsters? I don’t know!) This film is being released to a limited run of theaters on Friday. Even more important… Prey is available via OnDemand services starting tomorrow!

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

You’re going to have to deal with this eventually. I have a deep love for shamelessly holiday-themed horror! Even when it’s terrible. (Well… except Thankskilling. That was somehow too terrible!) I am almost always happy to see a new Christmas horror movie. And THIS one looks like it could even be good! Look at that screencap! A Finland-produced and darkly comic children’s horror tale about an evil Santa and his sinister elves? I am so very excited. Sign me up. Rare Exports is coming to NYC theaters this Friday and will be working its way across the country gradually throughout December.

DVD Releases, November 30th
Valhalla rising

Although we managed to find a copy of this at a convention in August, we regret that we haven’t had time to view it yet. Woops! Starring Mads Mikkelsen, well known for his turn in Casino Royale, this grim Danish film is rumored to have a slower art-house pace and aesthetic with occasional bursts of brutal violence and horror. I look forward to seeing it for myself soon.

Voodoo Cowboys

A zombie B-movie set in post-Katrina Lousiana. I searched around, but the only trailer I can find is at their official website:

DVD Releases, December 4th

Because Twilight just has to be different!

Twilight Eclipse

I know I know… but its inclusion here is valid since it’s a horror monster phenomenon whether we like it or not. You know the drill. Edward is so perfect and he sparkles. Bella likes him a lot. A werewolf takes his shirt off.

My Pick this Week?

Black Swan! The selection is fairly interesting this week, but my recommendation still goes to Black Swan. Can’t wait until more of you have a chance to view it.

Thanks for reading!


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