Horror Holidays Gift-Guide 3: Gifts

Posted: December 14, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Art, Shopping

Hello again! Wow, I sure meant to post a lot of these Holiday Gift-Guides, but I clearly needed to start a lot earlier! We’re running out of time. This might be the last Gift-Guide until Valentine’s rolls around. Our focus is on vendors with cool horror wares who are still accepting holiday orders. This is some great stuff if you need to find some last-minute gifts for the horror fan(s) in your life.

**I should mention, of course, that dates apply to the U.S.  Shipping for other countries may vary.**

Interested in bowls, plates and mugs featuring anatomical designs, zombie love messages and/or cockroaches? (Ew)  foldedpigs is accepting holiday orders for creepy dishware until Thursday the 16th.

Pillbox Designs vinyl wall decals. The selection includes bats, bloody hand-prints, coffins, zombies and more designs fit for the horror fan’s home. Last day for holiday orders is Friday the 17th. (Crowbait and I have our eye on those bats for the kitchen. One day!)

Cyberoptix Tie Lab offers hand-screened neck-ties and scarves with an amazing assortment of designs. Tentacles, skulls and spinal columns, ravens, a noose and much more including my personal favorite…The Strangle. (which looks amazing on Crowbait. He is a stylish gent and has a collection.) Holiday order deadline is Thursday the 16th.

Victorian Lowbrow, illustrated posters by Madame Talbot. Beautiful and macabre prints of intricate pen & ink drawings. Although they don’t specifically list a holiday cut-off, I can say that I’ve ordered from them twice and delivery has always been incredibly fast. Order soon.

Fright Rags horror apparel. Although we have been frustrated by the lack of female shirt options sold by Fright Rags at local conventions more than once, these designs are really cool and worth a look. Their “We Belong Alive” limited edition shirt (no long available) to support Breast Cancer awareness wins back some points with us too. Their holiday order deadline is Sunday the 19th. (But seriously, guys. More lady shirts at Monster Mania next time!)

Sock Dreams. Just about any kind of sock you can imagine can be found at Sock Dreams. There are lots of silly and spooky designs that can be found most easily by starting at their Halloween section, but there is so much more. Warm and fashionable socks or arm-warmers are never a bad gift idea in the winter. No specific shipping deadline at their site, but they always ship immediately and delivery is always fast. Did I mention free shipping? Free shipping!

That’s it for now. Good luck with finishing your gift selection. And if it doesn’t come up again, Happy Holidays, folks.


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