This Week in Horror: February 8, 2011

Posted: February 8, 2011 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

Hello, everyone! It’s me again… back to experiment with yet another format for my weekly film updates!

The good news is that I got a sweet new art job! The bad news is there will be even less time for new articles. Since I don’t want to get rid of these updates altogether, I’m trying something new. All listings are condensed with most general commentary and recommendations at the end. Is this format still helpful? Let me know.

DVD Releases Feb 8
Blood Pledge

(aka: Whispering Corridors 5: Suicide Pact)

Strange rumors start to spread through school about Unjoo’s suicide. Unjoo’s younger sister Jung-un who attends the same school gets suspicious about Unjoo’s death. She is determined to find out the truth by questioning Unjoo’s friends Soy, Eugene, and Eun-young who were said to have been, with Unjoo before her death. Was it suicide or something else entirely? Trailer on Youtube (Korean Dialogue)

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High Lane (Vertige)

Towering heights and beautiful vistas turn into a haunting mindtrip in Abel Ferry’s gripping French scarefest that will definitely make you think twice about your next mountain climbing trip. In the film, a group of friends on vacation in Eastern Europe embark on an ambitious mountain expedition along a trail that they discover – way too late – is closed for repair. The thrill of this foolish challenge quickly turns sour as it becomes clear that not only is the path a lot more dangerous than they thought, but also that they are not alone. Fear exposes old traumas and brings up hidden emotions to the surface, and soon, everyone is fighting tooth-and-nail for their survival.

If you want English language dialogue, there is a dubbed (boo) trailer on Youtube here. As far as we can tell, it shows the film’s entire plot. Time-saving!

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I Spit on Your Grave


The original version was reviled, condemned, and banned around the world for its on-screen depictions of depravity and violence. Now experience the acclaimed remake that dares to go even further: Jennifer Hills (a fearless performance by Sarah Butler) is a big-city novelist who rents an isolated country cabin to write her new book. But when she is brutally raped by a group of sadistic rednecks, Jennifer has plans for more than mere revenge. One-by-one she will find them. She will inflict horrific acts of agonizing torment upon them. And no jury in America would ever convict her. Jeff Branson (“ALL MY CHILDREN”), Daniel Franzese (BULLY), Rodney Eastman (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 & 4), Chad Lindberg (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) and Tracey Walter (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) co-star in this graphic, shocking and undeniably disturbing new take on one of the most controversial films of all time.

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Haunted by memories of his ex girlfriend Alice a heartbroken Billy returns home to Northern Virginia seeking solace from old friends. But what he finds is more disconnecting than comforting: his best friend Stanley has become mysterious and withdrawn from those around him. Billy attempts to find out what is going on and as he probes Stanley s recent activities his friend s behavior seems increasingly bizarre and frightening. The discovery of blood stained evidence among Stanley s possessions pulls him deeper into the nightmare and eventually leads to a violent confrontation that not everyone will survive.

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My Soul to Take

In the sleepy town of Riverton, legend tells of a serial killer who swore he would return to murder the seven children born the night he died. Now, 16 years later, people are disappearing again. Has the psychopath been reincarnated as one of the seven teens, or did he survive the night he was left for dead? Only one of the kids knows the answer. Adam “Bug” Heller was supposed to die on the bloody night his father went insane. Unaware of his dad’s terrifying crimes, he has been plagued by nightmares since he was a baby. But if Bug hopes to save his friends from the monster that’s returned, he must face an evil that won’t rest… until it finishes the job it began the day he was born.

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Ominous, a super natural thriller inspired by actual events. When the Callahan’s set off for a peaceful family vacation in the mountains, they never expected their personal demons to follow them. When the children discover a paranormal presence in the secluded cabin, two generations of secrets will be revealed and the lives of the living as well as the dead will be changed forever. Sizzling performances by a stellar ensemble including Melissa Salinas (Treggin, The Case) and Sean Patrick Flaherty (Daddy Day Camp, The Grand.) OMINOUS will keep you gripping yourself and looking over your shoulder! Trailer on Vimeo

IMDB Amazon

Paranormal Activity 2

Just as Dan and Kristi welcome a newborn baby into their home, a demonic presence begins terrorizing them, tearing apart their perfect world and turning it into an inescapable nightmare. Security cameras capture the torment, making every minute horrifyingly real.

We covered this film already and you can read our review here. Although our group has mixed feelings, we generally agree that PA2 is a bit mediocre when it should have been great. We recognize that many critics consider the sequel to be superior to the original. This confuses us, but to each their own.

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The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff

At the 2009 Goya Awards Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars writer/director Jess Franco received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his 50-year career that includes such immortal classics as VAMPYROS LESBOS, BLOODY MOON and his infamous DR. ORLOFF series. In this 73 Orlo shocker, William Berger (KEOMA, FIVE DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON) stars as the diabolical doctor who unleashes a nightmare of hypnosis, violence and folk music on a crippled young woman (Mona Proust of DIARY OF A NYMPHOMANIAC) and her depraved family. Edmund Purdom (PIECES) and Lina Romay (FEMALE VAMPIRE) co-star in this beloved slab of psycho-sleaze, packed with enough sadism, murder and madness to keep Goya spinning in his crypt for the next half century. The IMDB Page

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My Recommendation this Week?

Remember how I said it was hard to choose last week because the selection was so good? Black Death, Let Me In, Monsters… jeez. In comparison, this week is kind of disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend Wes Craven’s unfortunate return to filmmaking, My Soul to Take, or the “Rape/Revenge” faux feminism spewed by I Spit on your Grave. (More on that subject coming soon. Promise!)

I’d have to go with Paranormal Activity 2. We don’t think it’s perfect, but you could do much worse if you’re in the mood to turn off the lights and get scared.

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