DVD Releases: April 12, 2011

Posted: April 12, 2011 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

Hello there! Hope you’ve all been well. Since my last post, we’ve been lucky enough to check out a number of highly anticipated horror flicks; Insidious, The Ward, Stakeland, Troll Hunter… what a roll. And oh boy, now we owe you even more reviews! I’m working on it… I’m working on it.

So… new horror! Unlike last week, some DVD titles worth mentioning hit the shelves today.

My Recommendation this week:

Jamie Morgan (Jim Stugess, “Across the Universe”) is a talented young photographer whose disfiguring birthmark makes him feel an outsider in the rough patch of East London he calls home. Developing pictures he s taken in an abandoned lot, Jamie sees a hooded figure peering from behind a window. Investigating, he stumbles into a horrific world of reptilian monsters posing as street gangs, violence inflicted on the most innocent, and a demon (Joseph Mawle) with the power to offer Jamie everything he s ever dreamed of — at a deadly price.

This British horror film, directed by Philip Ridley, stars Jim Sturgess (21, Across the Universe), Clemence Poesy (127 Hours, Harry Potter series) and Noel Clarke (Doctor Who!!!, Doghouse, Centurion). Critical reception has been very positive and I can’t wait to sit down with this Faustian tale myself. Heartless hits DVD today and is already available via Netflix Watch Instantly.

More DVD titles released today:

Black Heaven:

When teen lovers Gaspard and Marion stumble upon a cell phone, they decide to track down the owner and find him, dead, in a mysterious suicide ceremony. Next to him lies a half-conscious girl, Audrey. Possessing femme fatale looks and an enigmatic tattoo, Audrey lures Gaspard into Black Hole, a dangerously addictive online game. Gaspard s avatar encounters beautiful but poisonous singer Sam, who attracts victims in the virtual world and seduces them to commit suicide in real life. Could Sam s alter ego in the real world be Audrey? Could Gaspard be her next victim? He will have to journey deeper into Black Hole to learn the terrible truth.

The Inheritance

Five ambitious cousins set out on a family reunion during the dead of winter. The purpose of the retreat is to secure their inheritance, a fortune that dates back many generations. Upon their arrival, Uncle Melvin (Keith David) welcomes them with open arms, but warns them to respect their family traditions. During the weekend, as each of the cousins mysteriously disappear, they learn the truth about their family legacy, blood ancestry and the ultimate sacrifice they must make in exchange for their beloved inheritance.

Last Breath

Imprisoned by a sadistic killer, a young couple is forced to confront their deepest secrets and darkest fears through painful and torturous methods. Their choices will ultimately determine their family’s survival.


An expedition led by adventurer Darren McCall and funded by the wealthy Harry Vargas braves the impenetrable jungle to retrieve a fabled bejeweled dagger from an ancient burial ground. But pulling the dagger from its rightful resting place awakens the beast. Part plant and part animal, the massive mandrake awakens thirsty for human blood.

Mask Maker

A young couple purchases a 19th century plantation home and invites friends up for the weekend to celebrate. As they dig up the mystery surrounding the death of the former residents, it becomes apparent that the plantation home’s former owners have not left and the unlucky youths suddenly find themselves running for their lives!


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