In theaters today- Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Posted: April 29, 2011 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

The supernatural action thriller, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, sees a fairly accessible limited release in theaters today. Let’s take a look at that trailer and synopsis:

Dylan Dog. Living Investigator. Undead Clients. No pulse, no problem
He’s the world’s only paranormal investigator. But now, he wants to escape from a life of nightmares. However, a brutal murder, a missing artifact and a mysterious girl conspire to drag him back into the dark world of the undead… Have you ever wondered if the person next to you was really part of your world?

Based on this trailer, Constantine (Hellblazer if you like), The Dresden Files and The Frighteners come to mind. Just another story following a human investigator into the dark underworld of monsters and magic. This can be fun, but I’m not sold on giving up my $10 to catch it in the theater yet. Looking deeper, though, I discovered there’s more to Dylan Dog than I saw at first glance. The film is actually based on an Italian comic created by Tiziano Sclavi in 1986. This predates the invention of Hellblazer if anyone’s counting. And, oddly enough, this material has been adapted before… the first being Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamorein 1994.

Interesting. So there’s clearly a lot of Italian comics history here that I’m not knowledgeable enough to report. I’d never heard of Dylan Dog before. It’s a total comic-nerd failure on my part, but I’m intrigued  and hope to pick up a trade or two soon. If anyone is interested in doing the same, this 680-page paperback I found on Amazon looks like the most promising English-language introduction. But what about this movie?

Brandon Routh, seasoned super seen in Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Superman Returns, plays the title character along with his undead assistant, Sam Huntington. (Oddly enough, the Jimmy Olsen to Routh’s Superman!) Also included in the cast are Taye Diggs and… Peter Stormare? Satan in Constantine! Well, I’ll admit I like the casting in-jokes here and I’m fascinated by the history of this series, but there’s little to no information on the film’s critical reception at this time. This means they’re probably not screening the film and I’m afraid that’s usually bad news.

So, based on what I’ve seen and read, I’m thinking I’ll wait to check out the film as a fun rental. I’m actually more drawn to spending my money on some of these comics. What do you think? Familiar with the comics? Going to go out and catch Dylan Dog: Dead of Night this weekend?

*Friday morning addendum, 9am*

I published this post around 1am this morning when reviews were difficult to find. This morning, I’ve been able to track down more feedback … most prominently this review on Bloody Disgusting… and the consensus says it’s terrible. I’m sorry to hear it, but not surprised. Fans of the comic may be unable to resist, but you have been warned.


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