Sneak Preview – FGSG Photo Friday!

Posted: June 6, 2011 by StayFrosty in About Us, Art

Here at FGSG, we love horror – perhaps you’ve figured this out already.  But our love of horror doesn’t stop at movies, dear readers – it extends into other arts as well.  While JennyD and Crow are talented in a variety of media, my art of choice is photography.  Lately, much of my work has been horror-related.  Can you guess who helped me make these photos come to life? (If you guessed my FGSG co-conspirators, you guessed right.  So smart!)  So we decided to start the Final Girl Photo Friday!  Every Friday we will post a photo from a shoot we’ve worked on together.  Eventually this artistic madness may expand to include other types of art, but for now it’s a photo every Friday, you lucky devils.

To whet your appetite for this Friday, here’s a photo preview of what’s in store:

Unless noted, none of my work is Photoshopped.  Much like old school horror, I believe that the lighting, effects, and all that good shit should happen in camera.  If there’s gonna be blood, dammit it’s gonna actually be there!

So check back every Friday for some new art!  And then post and let us know what you think!  (Unless you hate it.  Then shut up.)  ~SF

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