In limited theaters today: Quarantine 2: Terminal and Kidnapped

Posted: June 17, 2011 by Jenny Dreadful in Film, News

Two VERY limited releases open in theaters today. We’ve got some Spanish home invasion and an unnecessary sequel to an unnecessary remake. Let’s take a look.


Man, he just hates that bag.

Jaime, Marta and their daughter Isabel, a well-off family, move to a luxurious new house.  The parents are going through a rough patch but have decided to give their relationship one last chance.

On the first evening in their new home, a group of three hooded men burst into the house.  Their objective: To get as much money as possible out of them in one night.

Kidnapped, a film directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas, is being presented in theaters and Video On Demand by IFC Films as of today. It stars Fernando Cayo of The Oprhanage and tackles home invasion, a quickly growing sub-genre of horror that plays on our fears of losing privacy, safety and security in our own space. See The Strangers, Ils, Straw Dogs and Funny Games for examples. (On second thought, DON’T see Funny Games.) This film is not well-reviewed, but audiences looking for good camera work, 80 minutes of screaming and overall cinematic punishment may want to give this a shot.

Quarantine 2: Terminal

I wish you could see StayFrosty's impression of this terrible TERRIBLE poster. You are missing out I'm afraid.

Earlier tonight, a bizarre disease was unleashed in a run-down Los Angeles tenement… and no one got out alive. Yet something escaped. Now, aboard Flight 318, the first symptoms begin to show. As the infection begins to takes root, innocent passengers suddenly transform into terrifying, bloodthirsty killers. Forced to land at an isolated terminal, and surrounded by armed government agents, the crew and passengers grow increasingly desperate. The only question now is how far they will go to survive.

The sequel to Quarantine, an adequate remake of the excellent Spanish film, REC, cuts ties to the original storyline by going in a completely different direction from REC 2. While the Spanish sequel significantly ramped up the Exorcist-style supernatural madness, this American film takes the (sadly not supernatural) infection to the confined space of a plane and abandons its handheld camera roots. Locked-room scenarios can really work, but it sounds like they leave the plane far too early. Between that disappointment and the few reviews I can find, I’d say this looks like a rental. More information, including theater listings, can be found at their official site:

There we have it. Some new flicks for a lucky few to check out now, but we’ll all have our chance on DVD eventually. So what are you watching?


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