In Theaters this Weekend – Final Destination 5

Posted: August 13, 2011 by StayFrosty in Film, News

Well, this isn’t our first time at this rodeo.  Yesterday marked the release of Final Destination 5 – in 3D.  Directed by Steven Quale, starring Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell and of course, Tony Todd, reprising his role from the first two films.  This film was originally titled 5nal Destination, but was quickly changed because it looks like a title that can be found at your local adult video store.

Brief plot synopsis:  Pretty much the same as all the others – survivors of a terrible accident find out that Death won’t let them go so easily.  So far in the series we’ve had survivors of plane crashes, car crashes, roller coaster crashes, and a giant race car pile-up.  The fifth outing gives us a suspension bridge disaster, which has all sorts of potential for some Grand Guignol action.  Because really, that’s what these movies are –  just a bunch of crazy, bloody, wacky death setpieces.  And that can be okay, even fun at times.  Actually, early buzz is pretty good, so we are intrigued.  We will probably see this soon.

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