Horror Video Game Releases – Sept. 6th

Posted: September 6, 2011 by crowbait in Games

Well, well, well. Two horror themed games released in the same week? And it isn’t even Halloween yet! Unfortunately for me however, there’s a steep barrier to entry for one of them and the other isn’t luring any cash out of my wallet so no reviews will be made. Sorry.

First up is Dead Island. A survival horror title set in a tropical paradise. A zombie outbreak on a vacation resort leaves 4 survivors struggling to fight off the infected and find an escape from island. First person perspective zombie punching ensues. Despite some promising early buzz, mainly centered around a trailer that was later revealed to have absolutely nothing to do with the actual gameplay, this combination of Left 4 Dead FPS team based action with the mission structure and weapon modification systems of Dead Rising leaves me with a “been there, done that” feeling. Reviews are mixed, resulting in a middle-of-the-road consensus. Still, it’s a game built around cooperative play and any game is more fun when you have friends along for the ride.

Next we have Rise of Nightmares which I find more interesting. A survival horror game in the tradition of Resident Evil controlled with the XBOX 360’s motion sensing Kinect peripheral. Reviews and demonstrations show a surprisingly responsive control system. Though the player’s body is essentially a collection of button presses, it’s an impressive thing to see and a fine example of what can be done with Kinect when you apply it to an action/adventure game rather than just an exercise simulator. But . . . I don’t own one and I’m not in any position to drop $200 on the game and controller to play it so we’ll just have to content ourselves with some videos.

Nice stuff there. A man’s wife is kidnapped off a train and taken to an evil mansion. The other passengers follow him through the swamps to almost certain doom and are tortured to death before being brought back as reanimated servants of a Frankensteinian madman. And they say the Kinect is just for kids?

If you get any playtime with either of these games, please post your comments. I’m eager about your experiences punching the undead.


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