31/31 – Day 1 – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Posted: October 1, 2011 by StayFrosty in Film, Reviews

To kick off our 31 days of movies leading up to Halloween, we’re going to start with something more hilarious than scary, but no less awesome.  FGSG (and friends) got a chance to see Tucker and Dale vs. Evil yesterday, and it was just as funny as the trailer promised.  Maybe even more so.   You can tell that the director/creative team know and love their slasher movies, because this takes all those tropes and turns them into comedy gold.  A wood chipper was never used to such amusing effect.

this is the amusing effect

Tucker and Dale (currently vs-ing evil)

For the serious horror fan, you can really appreciate the lighting and camera angle choices, which look straight out of Friday the 13th (or its like).  The characters are all played for the campy/parody effect without turning into annoying one notes.  Tucker and Dale (played by Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, respectively) are so adorable that you can’t help but love and root for them, even when the situations become pure camp.  Extra points to those two for keeping Tucker and Dale from becoming just one joke characters.

I’ve heard this movie got some bad reviews, and we here at FGSG can’t imagine why.  This is a sweet, funny love letter to slashers (with an 80s flashback and everything!) that has laughs from beginning to end.  Highly recommended.

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