31/31 – Day 2 – Doghouse

Posted: October 2, 2011 by crowbait in Film, Reviews

My hopes were not high going in to this film, having seen the trailer which prominently declared that our heroes, a group of men struggling with their adulthood and trying to escape the women in their lives, are being attacked by zombified “man hating feminists.” Well, why not give it a try anyway? After all, Mickey from Doctor Who is in it, so we gave it a watch.

You got some explaining to do.

The film opens by introducing us to each of the men in the collection by way of their terrible relationship with women. The sad sack recent divorcee, the macho slut, the manchild, the geek, and the gay guy with a shrieking queen partner. They all go off to a little town in the woods to get away from the hassles of life for a weekend and cheer up their depressed friend. Like all little towns in the woods, a spill of experimental chemicals has transformed the populace into the blood-thirsty undead. The twist is that the infection only affects women so the men must face down feminine monsters.

Once the zombie outbreak is in full swing this film is a lot of fun. Each of the zombies is a ridiculous overdone parody: The hair stylist wields dual scissors, the granny is a little old biddy in floral hat and lace gloves, the horse rider is in full jockey gear with a fox dangling around her neck. These over the top characterizations make the zombies hilarious. The gore is good, the kills are fun, as are the tricks the men employ to try to escape. There’s even some amusing subtext as the zombies that symbolize the troubles in each man’s square off and attack them. I was having a great time.

No harm done?

And then the movie craps its pants. The divorcee, in order to rally the troops to rescue their friend, delivers a moving speech about why women are solely responsible for all of the problems of their lives. All of them. He became an overweight, chronically depressed, bastard because of his divorce. He wasn’t divorced because he gained weight and became selfish and mopey, oh no. This entire speech is a pitch perfect example of the childish misogyny of a “nobody will screw me” frustrated nerd teenager. And they go for it! Recharged by the call-to-hate they go back for their surviving friend and giggle like the immature schoolboys they wish they were as they flee the town.

This killed it for me. The whole film was tainted by this message and ruined the fun, now that I knew where it lead. What had first appeared as an amusing allegory about the men having to accept being challenged by women was just another exercise in refusing to grow up and realize that you will mature and change and it’s not all going to be about you for the rest of your life.

Well guys, you’re sleeping on the couch. For a week.

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