The Top 10 Final Girls on Cinedelphia

Posted: October 5, 2011 by Jenny Dreadful in About Us, Editorial, Lists, News

Today, Jenny Dreadful and StayFrosty are proud to present STILL ALIVE: THE TOP 10 FINAL GIRLS, a collaboration with Philly film blog Cinedelphia.  Learn about our favorite horror heroines today, but keep checking out their site throughout the month for 31 DAYS OF HORROR.

PS: Hope you didn’t miss our scary movie recommendations on Sunday!

  1. Donnajean says:

    Every time I have ever written anything, it was because what I wrote wanted to be written. It had a voice which presented itself in my mind and flowed through my fingers as I typed. This is like that. The thought occurred when I read Jenny Dreadfuls take on the top ten final girls.

    The thought told me that the final girl was the simple, unobtrusive girl who walked down the wrong alley, or went to the wrong camp, or opened the wrong door for the wrong man, or even had the wrong cell grow in their body. The final girl is the naive, innocent, unsuspecting average girl who was given the opportunity to make her simple average life extraordinary by not becoming the monster which lurks in the “wrong” herself.

    As we only see life through our own eyes, I have had the opportunity to meet the monster which lurks in the dark alley in a couple of different guises.

    For this writing, I will write about the beast I encountered when my daughter was a small child.

    I was 25 years old when I innocently opened the wrong door when the wrong man knocked asking for help and gave me the opportunity to become the final girl, and not become the beast due to the hole ripped in my body and even worse, in my spirit. As a rape victim, I made a choice to become strong. It was not a choice I would have wanted to have to make, and I did not know that was what I was doing at the time. By our choices, we become the monster, or we become Ripley, who chooses to save everyone at risk of losing herself,. In confronting a beast one has to ignore the deep and abiding desire to turn, run away and not look back.

    So the final girl must act. What is her greatest strength? Is in tracking down the beast for revenge, or is it to trap the monster and put it in a place it will not harm anyone else? It may appear, on the outside, to be the same act. But it is the intention behind the act which is the real strength.

    Finally, cam she go on, not become bitter, not become hateful, not become the monster , and by that always carry the monster with her, smiling its hideous grin in her belly? To rise above the horror and to use the terror as strength of character is the challenge. To use what she lost to realize the importance of what she has, and of who she is.

    And that who she is, is amazing.

    Written by one small, insignificant Final Girl Standing

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