Posted: October 13, 2011 by Jenny Dreadful in About Us

From left to right: Jenny Dreadful, Crowbait and StayFrosty

Wow. I don’t know if it’s the Halloween season, our collaborations with J.R. Blackwell and Cinedelphia, or word of mouth as we connect with horror and film communities, but our readership has increased tremendously in the past few weeks! I hope you like what you see and plan to stick around. If you’re new, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We go by Jenny Dreadful, StayFrosty and Crowbait. We’re two ladies and a gentleman and we’re horror geeks.

Because horror news sites and communities frustrated us by focusing too much on the straight male audience, we set out to create this place for horror news, reviews and discussion from a feminine perspective. This means feminist issues are important to us and we’ll talk about them often, but don’t misunderstand us. We just love horror. Whether we’re talking films or discussing gender roles, we hope everyone feels welcome to follow along and join the discussion.

If you’re wondering about the name of our blog or the meaning of the phrase, Final Girl, I wrote an article for Cinedelphia that should explain things nicely. If you’re looking for more ways to interact with us, you can Like us on Facebook, follow Jenny Dreadful and StayFrosty on Twitter, and e-mail us at finalgirlsg@yahoo.com. We’ll accept questions to answer on the site if there’s interest.

Thanks, everyone, for giving us a chance!


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