Posted: November 30, 2011 by StayFrosty in Film, Reviews

So normally this is the part where we would post an intro, a basic plot summary and our thoughts on a movie.  This time, we thought it would be appropriate instead to give you 11 points about Darren Lynn Bousman’s religious horror flick 11-11-11.  So here they are:


StayFrosty: Our protagonist never seems particularly concerned about all the weird things that are happening to and around him.  In fact, he just seems annoyed most of the time.  When his family’s house is attacked by spirit/monster things, he just shuts the window.  But just one window.  The bad guys aren’t getting in that one window!

Jenny: His unflappable attitude in the face of supernatural horrors delights me.


StayFrosty: Voice overs are used extensively throughout this movie.  And the lesson is – voice overs work for film noir and Stand By Me.  And that’s pretty much it.


Jenny: The characters may be written as engaging in a conversation, but the actors never seem to be talking to each other. They’re talking… and they appear to be in the same room… but they’re not talking to each other. We don’t know if they recorded the actors separately or horrendous direction and editing are to blame. We’re too busy being weirded out by their disconnected tag-team monologues.


StayFrosty: There are a lot of interesting ideas floating around this movie.  Just enough interesting ideas that it’s very disappointing when none of them are developed.  For example, all of this seems to hinge on the death of our hero’s wife and child, but after an opening depicting their fiery death (one of the few effective scenes in the movie), they’re never mentioned again.

Jenny: Agreed. I think a good number of interesting concepts were horribly mangled by a shoddy editing job. There was promise here.


StayFrosty: Director Darren Lynn Bousman has had a sketchy history, his name topping Saw #2-4 and Repo: The Genetic Opera.  This was apparently the first film where he had creative freedom.  This does not seemed to have changed much in the way of quality or his narrative clarity.


StayFrosty: This movie came out on 11/11/11.  By the time we were done watching it, it was already 11/12/11, rendering the movie obsolete 24 hours after its release.


StayFrosty: I thought this movie was available for download on Zune that day of its release, but I was fooled!  The movie on Zune was 11/11/11, NOT 11-11-11!  The difference is so clear, how could I have missed it?  Shame on you, Zune!

Jenny: It’s dashes instead of slashes. Dashes and slashes. I don’t understand the confusion here. (Shame on Asylum, I’d say, but that may be stating the obvious.)


StayFrosty: There are a few creepy moments, but our hero’s poor reactions usually mar them.  A scene with a sickly, supposedly unconcious father is pretty effective.

Jenny: Most of the early scares are left lurking in the shadows without stings and jump cuts and I respect that. Unfortunately, the really good stuff here is buried underneath too much awkward exposition.


StayFrosty: CGI, CGI, CGI.  It’s not needed in this movie, and to throw it in there seemed like an unnecessary waste.

Jenny: I didn’t think the CGI was excessive, but the film was so close to using makeup FX alone that I can understand Frosty’s frustration.


StayFrosty: There’s only so many times you can say the words “eleveneleveneleven” before it becomes incoherent madness.  Points to the cast for trying hard.


StayFrosty: There’s a totally creepy angel statue that is just begging for a scary scene, a coming to life, something!  I was waiting for it all movie, and NOTHING!  Everything else goes stupid crazy, and that terrifying statue just sits there!  Missed opportunity!

Jenny: I was hoping for some subtle Doctor Who-style scares with this angel. I didn’t get them, but I was incredibly relieved that I didn’t get a terrible computer-generated monster either. A very real danger!

Look at this creepy thing. To have it do nothing is a crime!

So basically, we didn’t think much of this movie.  Even though there are some interesting ideas in there, they just aren’t developed at all.  Skip this one. ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN

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