13 More Days til Halloween – presenting Laird Barron

Posted: October 18, 2013 by StayFrosty in Books, Reviews

frosty        Just a quick note on this countdown before we begin.  To get into the spirit of Halloween, FGSG is counting down the 13 days til Halloween.  Each day we’ll cover a different movie, author, director, composer, whatever.  They may not always be things that are recent (I’m betting some 70s movies are gonna get a mention), but they will be things/people we love or at least think are interesting enough to check out.  Sometimes these write-ups will be on the short side, but we’re doing the best we can to get some content out there.  As for the headline, just imagine the song from Halloween III for the next 13 days…

My knowledge of Laird Barron is due entirely to JennyD, and man, do I owe her major thanks for introducing me to this amazing author.  Even after reading only one of his novels, I knew I had to read everything I could get my hands on.  Barron has written several collections of short stories and two novels (many of which are available on Amazon in both hard copy and for the Kindle).  I started with his excellent novel “The Croning”, but really, I can recommend everything of his I’ve read.  Everything.  I haven’t read all of Barron’s work yet, but I suspect when I do I’ll be able to recommend each one with the same amount of enthusiasm.

Cover of The Croning - a great place to start your Barron adventure.

Cover of The Croning – a great place to start your Barron adventure.

Barron has so many skills it’s hard to know where to start.  Whether a short story or a novel, his work immediately pulls you in.  He’s able to create intense atmospheres just dripping with dread that immerse you in whatever world he decides to create.  Best of all, he does this without having that much disliked “long-pages-of-explanation-as-to-why-the-world-is-the-way-it-is-and-then-back-to-the-story” device.   He takes plots places you wouldn’t expect without it seeming contrived.  And the way he can turn a phrase…gorgeous.  Some of his work definitely brings Lovecraft to mind, but Barron’s stories are his own.  In short, he’s quality goods.

Barron’s most recent collection of short stories is The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All – it was originally supposed to release in April 2013 and then was held all the way to August!  But it’s here now and I am eagerly devouring every incredible page.  And, as I’d already known, this new book doesn’t disappoint.

Barron's most recent work

Barron’s most recent work

Laird Barron official site:  http://lairdbarron.wordpress.com/

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