11 More Days til Halloween – presenting The Haunting of Helena

Posted: October 20, 2013 by StayFrosty in Uncategorized

frosty     Welcome to The Haunting of Helena, directed by Christian Bisceglia and Ascanio Malgarini.  The story concerns Sophia, a single mother, and her daughter, Helena, who move into a new house that they later discover has a murderous history.  Don’t they all? When Helena loses her first baby tooth, strange events begin to occur in the house, and around Helena in general.  Her mother tries to protect her, but she is no match for the ghostly Tooth Fairy.


No seriously, that’s what our villain is called.  There’s a fairly reasonable explanation, but I think the movie’s first failing is to use the silliest name for a ghost ever (aside from maybe The Easter Bunny.  Or, like, the Flag Day monster).  The Tooth Fairy moniker has been used before to represent a malevolent spirit, and it wasn’t scary then either.  Aside from that, the actual ghost figure in The Haunting of Helena is somewhat effective, particularly in the scenes where there aren’t any CGI additions.  That can be said for most of the effects in general – the best ones in this film are practical.

Helena and many, many teeth.

Despite the ridiculous name, the movie itself is interesting – it diverts from the traditional ghost story on a few occasions and brings in the possibility of mental illness in a believable way.  The actors portray their characters well, especially Sophia and Helena (yes, Helena looks like Sadako from The Ring series, but that annoyed me less than usual here).  There are some truly creepy setpieces – not everything works, but it’s worth a watch.  Just put that whole Tooth Fairy name out of your mind and enjoy the story.

  1. I have to check this one out..

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