ex-Fest V Part 1: Rise of the Cinepunx.

Posted: May 11, 2015 by Jenny Dreadful in About Us, Events, Film

Hey there, horror friends! Just checking in to tell you about a recent adventure…


Design by Justin Miller of http://www.hauntlove.com.

On May 2nd, Philly-area film weirdoes (including our crew) had the pleasure of attending Exhumed Filmsex-Fest V! If you’ve never heard of it, ex-Fest is an annual 12+ hour marathon of exploitation cinema, ranging from kung fu movies to blaxploitation to sexploitation, a little ultra-violence, Italian crime thrillers… all varieties of trash projected in classic 35mm. ex-Fest is a cruel injection of pure sleaze right to the heart.

I adore Exhumed Films’ most notorious event, the 24-hour Horrorthon, but I think ex-Fest is gaining my favor over time. I don’t know if it’s the reduced endurance challenge of only 12 hours, less space for “filler” material, or if there’s just so much more left for me to discover in the world of exploitation, but I look forward to it more every year.

So, in brief, yes! I had a great time. I didn’t love every film I saw, but it was a good day of revisiting classics, discovering forgotten gems, and spending some time with my local cinephile community. I have lots to say, but it’s been hard to find the time. I aim to write something up. Until then…


Buy their shirts! But not online. Find them and buy them in person like it is the Dark Ages. http://cinepunx.com

Check out my appearance on the Cinepunx podcast! Josh Alvarez, Liam O’Donnell, Sean Bennis-Sine and I do a recap of ex-Fest V. There’s only so much you can cover over the length of a single episode, but I think we had a fun discussion about the films and our reactions to them. I do worry a little about people finding out I’m essentially a 13-year-old boy (not the sophisticated feminist genre scholar I want to be), but what the hell… it’s time to come clean. Listen to the post-marathon discussion here and BEWARE! Age of Ultron spoilers abound. We are the worst.

10271514_766887260012066_2594817008020421945_nIf you like what you hear, you can subscribe to Cinepunx on iTunes.  Josh and Liam are some of the nicest guys ever and their passion for film and music is infectious. Thanks for having me, guys!

Part 2, a closer look at the selection of films from my point of view coming soon. For reals. No, I mean it. Totally. (Maybe.)



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