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Horror Block – July 2014

Posted: August 3, 2014 by Jenny Dreadful in Reviews, Shopping

jennydWell hello there, horror friends! What have you been up to? Moving right past my embarrassing absence like nothing happened… I am enjoying the hell out of sic-fi and horror¬†this year! Snowpiercer, Guardians of the Galaxy, the reissue of Death Spa… 2014 has been a wonderful time¬†for cinema so far, and I truly believe my greatest adventures are¬†yet to come.

horrorblockToday,¬†I’m here to tell you that I am really excited about¬†the new service Horror Block! What’s Horror Block, you ask??? Let’s go¬†back… wayyyy back in time… to a week and a half ago…

My husband (aka Russell aka crowbait) received a video game ‚Äúmystery box‚ÄĚ in the mail. It included 2¬†console games and 1 t-shirt and all 3 items were a total surprise. Delightful! He’d ordered this kind of thing before, usually big boxes full of anime dvds. I’m not really into anime and my video games tastes are very narrow, but I always get REALLY¬†excited when one of these boxes arrives. OMIGOD OPEN IT, RUSSELL. OPEN IT!!!

I’ve been jealous of these mystery boxes for a while, but this latest delivery sparked an obsession. Why haven’t I seen mystery packs of horror movies? I want them! Trying to pressure¬†my buddies at Diabolik DVD¬†to offer them hasn’t worked, so¬†I went on an internet quest for fun horror themed mystery boxes. While I never found exactly¬†what I was looking for (movie packs), I did indeed find some fun options! The Box of Dread, organized by genre website Dread Central, and Horror Block,¬†organized by the folks behind mystery box subscription service Nerd Block.

I was determined to sign up for SOMETHING to scratch this bizarre mystery itch, and I was really torn. Box of Dread does occasionally come with movies, which was my main target, but photos of past boxes didn’t excite me. ¬†Horror Block seemed to favor toys, which isn’t really my thing either. After a little more research, however, Horror Block won the day. Here‚Äôs why:

  • Each Horror Block comes with the latest issue of Rue Morgue.
  • Each package comes with a horror-themed t-shirt in your size¬†(meaning you select your shirt type and size when you sign up).
  • ¬†The next block (their second set) was shipping in 2 days.

I’d wanted to sign up for Rue Morgue or Fangoria in the near future anyway and finding horror apparel sized for women is always a challenge. The cost of signing up for Canada-based Horror Block here in the States is just under $30 (including shipping). That’s typically the cost of the magazine and a nerdy shirt alone, meaning everything else is a fun bonus. Add near-instant gratification? Sold. I signed up immediately and waiting for my first box to arrive has been¬†difficult. On Thursday, after 6 days of cold sweats and sleepless nights, it finally came! Let’s take a look.

Horror Block July 2014

The items are packed up in a rather stylish box, complete with bloody handprint and Walking Dead reference. Very nice!


Note: Subscribers outside Canada, beware! If you want to maintain your surprise until the second you lift the lid, avoid the Customs Declaration sticker on the box. It lists somewhat spoilery descriptions of the contents. Personally, I avoided looking at the sticker, but delaying the reveal by mere seconds won’t be a priority for everyone.

What’s inside? Here’s what we found…


A Funko Pop! Sharknado figure! The folks at Nerd Block promised one Sharknado-related item in the July package and I was hoping this would be it. Score! If you desire a tornado shark of your own, you can find these guys for about $10 in the wild. This little guy might have to live at my desk at work.


¬†A Lost Boys Frog Brothers shirt! I never would have¬†expected that.¬†Love the surprise, love the design. This one’s a winner. Horror apparel prices vary, but the designers of the shirt, ShirtPunch!, sell their tees for about $10.

Note: Ladies, I’m going to give you the kind of info I always want to find. This is the fitted girl’s tee option in L and I’m in the neighborhood of¬†38-30. Not sure how it will fare in the wash, but out of the box, the fit is good.


A Nightmare Before Christmas Series 1 Trading Figure. It’s a “blind box”… sort of… I mean, the name of the character is right there on the package, so…?¬†Anyway, the point is this item varies from box to box and not every subscriber gets the same figure. As you can see, I got Dr. Finklestein. Even though I’m not very into toys, I love this little guy! The detail is very impressive. The good doctor, his wheelchair (with working wheels), and his brain are all separate pieces. If this is the quality that can be expected, I’m tempted to track down more characters. Prices for these guys are all over the map, depending on whether you want a single or a set. Based on what I can find online, let’s set this figure at about¬†$10 average value.


Alien pinback buttons featuring the Xenomorph lifecycle! Wow! I don’t know where I’m putting them, but I love them. A little confused internet research and I’m guessing $6 value.

Also included is a Zumbies: Walking Thread charm doll; another one that varies from box to box. This is the one item I’m not really into, but I think we’ll put him to work when we need to decorate the Christmas tree this year. He would fit in well with Jack Skellington and his crew. Looks like you can find these fellas for about $8.


Last but not least… the latest issue of Canadian genre magazine Rue Morgue, ¬†featuring stories on The Crow, Motel Hell, Phantom of the Paradise,¬†and more. As previously mentioned, getting this magazine every month was one of the features that convinced me to sign up. I am pleased. $10 value.

So that’s my entire Horror Block stash!


I am very satisfied with my first mystery box; a collection of items valued at far more than the $19.99 + shipping that I paid for it. I would recommend signing up to any horror fan who likes fun. You have 22 days to mull it over.

I will continue my subscription. What shirt will I get? Will they ever include movies? I can’t wait to find out.

Love and lacerations,


Monster Mania Con 22

Posted: August 22, 2012 by Jenny Dreadful in About Us, Events, Film, News, Shopping

August is here and that means the ladies and gentleman of Final Girl Support Group were summoned to Cherry Hill, NJ yet again to attend Monster Mania, a semiannual celebration of all things horror. Any nerd gathering has its drawbacks, but Dave Hagan and company run a good show. We never miss it.

“Hey… Clive. Hey, Clive. Clive. Clive.”

As you may remember, last spring was a weekend-long tribute to Robert Englund and his slasher alter ego Freddy (see FGSG and Cinedelphia for more details). Although a number of guests were unrelated to a unifying theme this summer, the con could easily have been called “Barker Con.” That’s Clive Barker of course; the infamous British author, director, and artist responsible for Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Candyman, and other explorations of terrifying nightmare worlds and inconceivable pain. An impressive gathering of cast members from both Hellraiser and Nightbreed were in attendance. The buzz of the horror community for a time, the new “Cabal Cut” of Nightbreed, was onscreen daily. Just one hitch. The star of the show was missing. No Clive.

It was a huge disappointment when Barker, scheduled as the headliner since November, had to cancel his appearance in late July for health reasons. The fans, convention organizers, and Barker himself were clearly devastated that he was too sick to attend, but I’m impressed to say that Hagan and the outspoken community of attendees handled the unfortunate situation with class. The staff worked hard to satisfy disappointed ticket-holders and many fans expressed sympathies and encouragement to Clive rather than unfair outrage (though I’m sure some trolls lost their minds). Get better soon, Clive. Meanwhile… the show must go on.

There’s a great deal going on at these events including celebrity meet ‘n’ greets, vendors hawking all kinds of horror memorabilia, costumes, panels, and screenings of films highlighting the guests of honor. What are we there for? STUFF… and friends… maybe staring at actors and intriguing panels. But we must not lie to you, our precious readers. We’re there to fulfill our nerdly needs for hard-to-find films and classics to fill out our collections. Let’s not forget the ever-present quest for feminine horror apparel. May we fly our freak flags in flattering clothes? Must we be forever be banished to XXL t-shirts? More on that later. First… MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES.

The Loot! 

I would leave these events with enough films to warrant renting a truck if I could. Sadly, I’m the starving artist type and must settle for a satisfying but reasonable armful. I left the convention with these finds:

  • The Deadly Spawn– One needs a cheesy monster movie now and then.
  • Evidence– Interesting found-footage title. Never heard of it before the con. Pleasantly surprised. More on this below.
  • F– Hoodie Horror. A British school invasion in the tradition of Ils, The Strangers and Eden Lake.
  • Hierro– All signs lead toward a flawed but visually stunning psychological horror flick.
  • Iron Sky– Nazis on the moon. Udo Kier as the Moon Fuhrer. I shouldn’t have to say more. Amazing.
  • Kill List One of the best horror films of 2011. Worth picking up if you’re not squeamish. Proud to have mine on Blu.
  • The Life and Death of a Porno Gang– Another shocker from Serbia. Although I’ve read a few things about the film, I have a feeling we’re in for some uncomfortable surprises. Bring it on.

In addition to my sweet pile of movies, I scored some pretty lady clothes.¬†I’ll be the belle of the ball in my hot new¬†Texas Chainsaw Massacre¬†dress. Thanks, KittyVamp Designs!

Let’s hear from StayFrosty.

StayFrosty:¬† As usual, I started at the Diabolik DVD table.¬† They always have high quality, hard to find stuff, and they know their shit, so it’s fun talking to them in their few seconds of free time.¬† This year I picked up the blu-ray of Halloween 4 & 5 (yeah I know, they’re not great, but I’m completing a collection.¬† Don’t judge me.), the Arrow version of Fulci’s House by the Cemetary, and the blu-ray of Livide.¬† I’m super excited to see Livide, the follow up film from Inside directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury.¬† FGSG loved Inside, so I can’t wait to see what they do next.

At every convention, if I have the money, I grab a few movies I’ve never heard of that look interesting, and it’s exciting to hope I’ll find a gem in the lottery.¬† This year JennyD and I chose a bunch together – some known (Iron Sky!) and some completely unknown.¬† And we found a little film called Evidence.¬† We got it for free with the purchase of other movies, or we wouldn’t have picked it up (the description didn’t make it seem very interesting, found footage is a little played out, etc).¬† And when we sat down to watch it, our guess seemed to be correct – we were bored within the first ten minutes.¬† We contemplated turning it off, but decided to give it 15 more minutes.¬† And am I glad we did, because once the movie got going (about the 15 minute mark), it kept the quality going right through until the end of the closing credits.¬† There were some genuinely creepy moments, and while the film does change gears, it never feels forced.¬† I don’t want to give to much away, but this is well worth a watch.

Jeannet Mendez of KittyVamp Designs

We’ve often discussed the lack of horror clothing for ladies at these conventions (let’s get this straight – youth sizes don’t mean girl shirts, and men’s smalls don’t count either), but this year we had a very pleasant surprise.¬† In the corner of the smaller dealers’ room we found KittyVamp Designs (, run by a young lady who takes giant men’s shirts and remakes them into hot female dresses and shirts.¬† Needless to say, we had to get some of these and if I had the money, I know I would have bought a ton of stuff.¬† As it is, I’m now a proud owner of Dracula and Friday the 13th dresses – can’t wait to wear them!¬† These dresses were well made, flattering to the body, and comfortable.¬† This lady knows her stuff.¬† And whenever I checked, her booth was absolutely packed with women.¬† Take this as a hint, other clothing dealers – there are lots of ladies who want to look fabulous in horror clothing, and KittyVamp Designs is doing it right.¬† Definitely the best non-film find of the convention.

Friends, Fiends, Costumes and Creeps

Takes all kinds to put on a horror show. Takes all kinds. Although your usual suspects (Pyramid Head, Stilt Clowns, Jasons-o-plenty) were present as always and looking good, Monster Mania 22 wasn’t the explosion of costume excitement and creativity inspired by Freddy Con in March. We do enjoy the parade of fake blood and slasher masks all the same.

Speaking of Freddy… some con-goers were pretty obnoxious this year.¬†StayFrosty has promised us a powerful rant on creepers, the issues a woman faces at an event like this, and con etiquette in general. We look forward to it, lady.

Other than a few bad apples, however, we find the event is becoming a more female-friendly space every year. Although the environment has hardly been hostile, it’s safe to say that most genre conventions have been guilty of gender exclusion‚Äďaddressing and selling solely to a male audience, mistaking women in the community for booth babes, dismissing the knowledge or integrity of female fans‚Äďand we’re seeing some significant progress. In 2012, we found slim-fit women’s tees featuring posters for The Thing, Silent Night Deadly Night, A Serbian Film, and more. We bought flattering dresses crafted from men’s horror tees. We met kick-ass women holding down booths who are knowledgeable, eager to talk cinema, and happy to share recommendations. And, in an encouraging turn, less men appear to be surprised by the concept of our blog and the assertion that the hardcore female fanbase is very real.¬†We feel good about where this is going.

Now, a few shout-outs to some of our favorite familiar faces…

Joseph and Jesse of Diabolik DVD and Exhumed Films at Monster Mania 21.

Joseph Gervasi and Jesse Nelson of Diabolik DVD

StayFrosty: We say it a lot, but it’s worth repeating – the Diabolik boys know their shit.¬† And without doubt, they have the best selection at the con (probably because they know their shit).¬† It’s a terrific mix of all types of horror (and some that skirt the line into other genres): gory, creepy, exploitation, atmospheric, cult, wild and just plain weird, all from a variety of countries (which means you’ve got to check the region on your purchases, but they’re pretty good about letting you know when something isn’t going to play in American players).¬† What more could a horror-loving blog team ask for?¬† Aside from their awesome selection, Jesse and Joseph are cool guys that are fun to talk to – they know and love movies, and it shows.¬† While we don’t like to interrupt them during vendor hours (their booth is almost always packed), we do love to see them and talk to them, however briefly, about the latest in carnage and weirdness.

Jenny adds: Check Diabolik DVD often for the newest in strange cinema and keep an eye on their sister site Exhumed Films to stay informed about the best damn horror and exploitation events in the Philly area.

Dan and Scott at the PhilaMOCA Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors in June (curated by your humble narrator). Photo by Arin Sang-urai.

Dan Tabor and Scott Cole

Jenny: After burning through our con money and staying up all night for a little horrorthon on Friday, our plan for Saturday was fairly relaxed. We ended up spending the bulk of the day with these fine gentlemen. Intense movie discussion and fun were had by all.

Dan Tabor, super fan and serious movie fiend, writes for local geek guide Geekadelphia. He’s also got some adorable dogs. You’re jealous.¬†Get news, reviews, and even chances to win screening passes and prizes from Dan over here.

Scott Cole is an author, artist, confirmed horrorphile, and occasional guest contributor here on FGSG. (See his review of Saint Nick here.) Visit 13Visions to learn more about Scott’s artwork and writing.

If you’re in the Philly area and you’re sitting down for a screening of some bizarre or obscure horror flick, don’t panic… They’re probably right behind you… Seriously, these guys can be found at most local genre events. They’re good sorts. Say hello.

Coming Soon…

That’s all for now. We didn’t catch panels or take many photos, but we had a good time.

As briefly mentioned, Clive Barker’s new Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut was screening daily and it was a huge draw for horror fans eager to see the new partially-restored version of the film. We did catch the screening Friday night, but a proper writeup requires a post of its own. Look for a review of the new cut, coming soon, here on FGSG.

Monster Mania 17: Convention Report

Posted: April 20, 2011 by StayFrosty in About Us, Events, Film, Shopping

This might be a little late in coming, but¬†our crew traveled to Cherry Hill, NJ for the Monster Mania 17 convention in mid March and we had a great time. We perused the vendors for good deals and rare finds, enjoyed the company of some close friends and family and we attended interesting panel discussions featuring some classic horror film talent. Let’s start with the panels.

The Panels:

While FGSG didn’t have the time to attend all of the panels going on at Monster Mania, we decided it would be fun to check out two in particular – the “Femme Fatales” panel (all girls) and the “Meet the Monsters” panel (all guys).¬† We wondered if there would be a difference in how people treated an all girl panel vs. an all boy panel – and while we did find some differences, we’re sad to say the ladies panel came up sorely lacking.

Femme Fatales

This panel featured Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers,¬†the¬†Saw¬†series), Jenny Wright (Near Dark,¬†Pink Floyd’s¬†The Wall), Melinda Clarke (Return of the Living Dead 3, The Vampire Diaries), and Jill Schoelen (Popcorn, The Stepfather, Phantom of the Opera 1989).¬† Sadly, this was probably the least interesting panel I’ve ever attended at these conventions.¬† It seemed pretty clear, with the exception of Meyer, that all these ladies were working actors who had no real attachment to these films that the fans loved so much.¬† I feel that if you know you are going to be on a panel at a horror convention, you might want to think about some stories from your films – I mean, many of the questions are predictable, so you can at least prepare some basic answers.¬† These ladies seemed not only unprepared, but even surprised that they were being asked questions at all. ¬† Meyer, on the other hand, was fun and witty and told good stories – it was a shame that she was stuck on this panel without any support.¬† Jenny Wright was particularly disappointing – she seemed really out of it, barely speaking even when asked direct questions.¬† On the whole, it was a pretty awkward panel, for both the audience and the guests.

Note from JD: Questions for the ladies, as we suspected, were a little odd too. Mostly variations on “What was it like to work with (insert man here)?” and “Were you scared? Was it gross to do that gory scene or was it… exciting?” Dina Meyer’s fantastic retort “You guys DO know this is all fake, right?” was the panel’s best moment.

Dina Meyer as Dizzy Flores

Meet the Monsters

The panel featured Kane Hodder (Jason in¬†Friday the 13th parts 7-10, Hatchet), Doug Bradley (Pinhead from the¬†Hellraiser¬†series), R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface fromTexas Chainsaw Massacre III), John Amplas (Martin, Day of the Dead, Creepshow), with the last minute addition of Alan Hyde (True Blood).¬† The crowd grew noticeably – it was standing room only for this one.¬† Right from the start, you could tell this panel was going to have a different vibe – they started off all talking about their porn names (Kane Hodder’s should be Kane Prodder, according to Bradley), so that should give you a pretty clear idea of the tone.¬† These guys knew how to run a panel – they kept things moving well, they interacted not just with the fans but with each other, which made things feel more comfortable and also gave us some moments of hilarity (Bradley and Hodder argued about who killed more people, Pinhead or Jason, which lead to a lively set of insults).¬† Also, I appreciated that when they were asked a serious question, they really gave it thought and took time to answer.¬† When asked about getting into the movie business, all of them gave sensible, helpful and detailed advice.¬† You could tell they weren’t only actors who happened to work in the genre, but horror lovers and fans themselves.¬† The one exception might have been Hyde, but he might have just been a bit scared since everyone else at the panel was approximately double his size in muscle mass.¬† But while pleasant, he seemed a bit out of place on this panel.¬† FGSG all wished that we could have moved Dina Meyer over to this panel, where I think she would have had much more fun.

Does Doug Bradley look like someone who cares what God thinks?

We love the panels, but we must admit the main attraction for us is acquiring new films. We got a pretty impressive haul this time. Here’s the rundown of what we thought was worth buying at the con:

The Loot!

I picked up most of my best loot from the guys at Exhumed Films (¬† They always have the best stuff.¬† So I’ll start with what I consider my A-list purchases:

Rick Meltons artwork for "Deep Red"

British remasters of “Deep Red” (Argento), “Inferno” (Argento), “City of the Living Dead” (Fulci), “The Beyond” (Fulci) and “A Bay of Blood” (aka “Twitch of the Death Nerve” – Bava), all distributed by Arrow Films:¬† I’ve seen all of these films before, with the exception of “A Bay of Blood”.¬† And those first four are incredible movies, made even better by these new transfers.¬† I may have said this before, but Argento films are made for Blu-ray.¬† Inferno is absolutely gorgeous – not just in the intensity of the colors, but of the depth.¬† Some of the scenes near the end are just unreal.¬† Bay of Blood isn’t my favorite Bava film, but it’s worth a watch, especially if you want to see where Friday the 13th got some of its ideas.¬† These imports have new cover art drawn by resident Arrow artist Rick Melton, as well as the original poster art on the reverse side.¬† The films are chock-full of extras and various goodies.¬† Can’t go wrong with these.

Also grabbed from Exhumed Films – the Criterion blu-ray of Hausu.¬† Like going mad, but in a film, now with EVEN MORE clarity!!!¬† Haven’t watched this yet, but I suspect that it will be as weird as I remember, but one hell of a ride.¬† Messiah of Evil – no idea if this is any good, but the Exhumed guys said it was interesting if a bit slow moving, so I went with it.¬† I typically trust their opinion (and part of the fun of the convention for me is taking a few cinematic leaps of faith).

Other finds:¬† Solomon Kane (fun for what it is), I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (didn’t watch this yet, but the title alone was worth it), Burke & Hare (funnier than “I Sell the Dead”).¬† Yay for imports!


I agree that Exhumed Films is the best, but I found treasures from all over the con. I wish we’d had time to publish this when it was recent and more relevant, but I feel pretty good about having a chance to view a bunch of these before posting.¬†Here’s what I got:

Jenny Dreadful is shocked and terrified.

Birdemic: Shock and TerrorIf you haven’t heard of this Hitchcock-inspired romantic thriller, then I’m doing you a great service.¬†Best bad movie ever. Or at least a contender with¬†Troll 2¬†for the title. You can expect attacks from animated GIFs of birds flapping in place, wooden and expressionless actors with pronunciation issues, clumsy editing, flailing coat hangers and a haunting tune about “Just Hanging Out.”¬†¬†You might laugh until you cry and then explode. Or die of embarrassment on the director’s behalf. Recommended!¬†Also available with Rifftrax if you’re a MST3K fan.

Serbian Film– Oh boy. A month later, and we still haven’t watched this. It’s like a grenade, stacked neatly in a pile of DVDs in my living room, waiting to go off. Still considered the most controversial horror film in circulation today. Despite the warnings about disturbing content and the certainty of a rough watch, StayFrosty and I just can’t ignore a minefield like this. When the time is right, we’ll sit down with this severe flick and you’ll hear all about it. Not recommended to anyone unless you’re hardcore and you’ve done a little research first.

Chaw (aka Chawz)– I’m not ashamed. The only reason I bought this giant rampaging pig film from Korea is the tagline. “THIS TIME MANKIND IS PORK” That is delightful… as is the film’s unapologetic aping of Jaws.¬†Anyway, Chaw had lots of the comedic charm and unexpected weirdness we adore about Korean genre cinema, but we were disappointed in this film overall. Great at times, with some surprisingly solid CGI pig action, it was also overlong and too sad to be considered a fun rampage movie. It hurt my feelings! Maybe this will be a feature to some? Just didn’t line up with my expectations.

Alien from the Deep– A silly Italian Aliens rip-off. I was happy to sit through it, but I’d recommend skipping most of the film and just watching the last half-hour. The climactic battle with the giant-clawed monster is cheesily fantastic.

What else? Was lucky enough to score Rogue (solid angry Croc movie) and Eden Lake (Heard good things. Haven’t seen it) in the $5 bin. And I found copies of Christopher Smith’s Black Death (a wonderful addition to any horror fan’s collection, review coming) and the reality-TV zombie series from Britain, Dead Set. ¬†I’m pretty satisfied.

Final Thoughts:

JD: ¬†A wonderful time. Can’t wait to go again. My only additional thoughts are: Come on, people! Make horror shirts for girls! What is the deal? Looking around at the cons, it’s tough to buy the whole “There aren’t enough female horror fans” argument. If you know of a company with sweet horror apparel for ladies, let us know and we’ll do what we can to spread the word. Let’s prove that our business is worth the investment. Thanks!

SF:¬† I felt that my loot this time around was a quality haul – sometimes it can be a bit of a mixed bag.¬† And I’m totally with Jenny D – the horror ladies need apparel!¬† By this point it is just foolish to ignore such a large part of the horror loving population.¬† We like cool shirts that reference zombie vs. shark too! (looking at you, Fright Rags!)¬†¬† But on the whole, I think the purchases I made were worthwhile, at least the ones I’ve seen so far.¬†¬† Looking forward to the next one!

See some of you there next time?

Horror Holidays Gift-Guide 3: Gifts

Posted: December 14, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Art, Shopping

Hello again! Wow, I sure meant to post a lot of these Holiday Gift-Guides, but I clearly needed to start a lot earlier! We’re running out of time. This might be the last Gift-Guide until Valentine’s rolls around. Our focus is on vendors with cool horror wares who are still accepting holiday orders. This is some great stuff if you need to find some last-minute gifts for the horror fan(s) in your life.

**I should mention, of course, that dates apply to the U.S.  Shipping for other countries may vary.**

Interested in bowls, plates and mugs featuring anatomical designs, zombie love messages and/or cockroaches? (Ew)  foldedpigs is accepting holiday orders for creepy dishware until Thursday the 16th.

Pillbox Designs vinyl wall decals. The selection includes bats, bloody hand-prints, coffins, zombies and more designs fit for the horror fan’s home. Last day for holiday orders is Friday the 17th. (Crowbait and I have our eye on those bats for the kitchen. One day!)

Cyberoptix Tie Lab offers hand-screened neck-ties and scarves with an amazing assortment of designs. Tentacles, skulls and spinal columns, ravens, a noose and much more including my personal favorite…The Strangle. (which looks amazing on Crowbait. He is a stylish gent and has a collection.) Holiday order deadline is Thursday the 16th.

Victorian Lowbrow, illustrated posters by Madame Talbot. Beautiful and macabre prints of intricate pen & ink drawings. Although they don’t specifically list a holiday cut-off, I can say that I’ve ordered from them twice and delivery has always been incredibly fast. Order soon.

Fright Rags horror apparel. Although we have been frustrated by the lack of female shirt options sold by Fright Rags at local conventions more than once, these designs are really cool and worth a look. Their “We Belong Alive” limited edition shirt (no long available) to support Breast Cancer awareness¬†wins back some points with us too. Their holiday order deadline is Sunday the 19th. (But seriously, guys. More lady shirts at Monster Mania next time!)

Sock Dreams. Just about any kind of sock you can imagine can be found at Sock Dreams. There are lots of silly and spooky designs that can be found most easily by starting at their Halloween section, but there is so much more. Warm and fashionable socks or arm-warmers are never a bad gift idea in the winter. No specific shipping deadline at their site, but they always ship immediately and delivery is always fast. Did I mention free shipping? Free shipping!

That’s it for now. Good luck with finishing your gift selection. And if it doesn’t come up again, Happy Holidays, folks.

Horror Holidays Gift-Guide 2: Greeting Cards

Posted: December 7, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Art, Shopping

Hello again!¬†I’m back with another Horror Holidays Gift Guide!

This time, I’d like to cover alternative greeting card options.¬†Want to avoid Santas and Nativities this year? Well, let’s see if I can find some cards suitable for the discerning horror fan on Etsy… Please note that some of these fit into the goth category more than ¬†horror since options are pretty limited. A Santa hat Photoshopped onto a film still from¬†Texas Chainsaw Massacre is unacceptable. Unacceptable!

The GingerDead Shoppe offers a few varieties of alternative holiday cards. Singles sell for $2.75. Sets of 5 cards sell for $11.75.

Horror Belle‘s Zombie Santa Cards are a festive choice for fans of the undead. Singles sell for $3, 5 for $10, 10 for $17.

Fun Bride of Frankenstein cards at I Heart Kid Art. Singles for $3, 5 for $10.

Creepy skull Thank You cards and goth-friendly holiday cards by Jennifer Rodgers. Singles for $3, 5 for $12.

A selection of goth Christmas cards at Dreadful Things by Raven. Singles for $4.75, 5 for $16.50 and 10 for $25.

This Lovecraft-themed Yule card is available from Sigh Co. Graphics. 10 cards for $16.50.

The lovely Winter Room Note Card by Swan Bones manages to be both elegant and creepy. $7.50 per card.

Christmas Cards by The Twisted Tree. The artist describes these cards as having a “decrepit whimsy.” I like that. Singles for $4.50. 4 cards for $16.

That’s all for now! Hope to be back soon with more holiday guides, horror news and reviews. Stay warm out there and support indie art!

Horror Holidays Gift-Guide 1: Tree Ornaments

Posted: November 22, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Shopping

Hello there! If you’re looking for the newest “This Week in Horror” update, I’m sorry to say we’re going to have to skip this week. Although I did my best to research the release schedule dregs, there just aren’t any new horror films worth talking about.¬†Whether we like it or not, though, the holiday season is officially upon us later this week. What better way to fill empty blog space than a series of Horror Holidays Gift Guides?

First up? Tree ornaments. OK, if you’re a horror fan and you like to celebrate the holidays with a Christmas tree, there are a number of easy ways to pull off creepy yet festive branches. Get a black artificial tree. Shop for your tree ornaments during Halloween. Buy some of the widely available Nightmare Before Christmas decor. Say no to rainbow-colored lights and opt for more elegant and spooky color combos like purple and orange. Or all red! These are all good options, but this is the more obvious stuff. Let’s get a little weirder.

Many of you already know this, but I am a visual artist by day and a horror geek by night. In fact, all of the contributors to Final Girl Support Group are heavily involved in the arts in one way or another. This means we care about supporting independent creators. This also means I love Etsy, an amazing place to buy and sell handmade items online. (I’d recommend creating an account to anyone) As Regretsy is delightfully fond of pointing out, Etsy is a mixed bag. I weeded through a lot of items and a fair amount of crap to get here, but please allow me to present my 6 favorite sellers of terrifying tree ornaments! Let’s begin.

Yep, that’s the face from my nightmares. Well done, CreepyDolls. Their shop is fairly self-explanatory. They currently have ornaments, many made from doll parts, ranging from $6 to $75 here.

Oh the agony of being delicious.¬†DeviantCandy’s adorable Zombie Gingerbread Men ornaments!¬†Only $6.50 a piece and available with bulk discounts. If the linked listing says it’s sold out, check her main shop link for the relisting.

Draig Athar’s Cthulhu Snowman ornaments. Sadly, the supply on these looks low at the moment, but I suspect more will be coming very soon. Check out the shop’s list of recently sold items to¬†see more of these cute little guys and add this seller to your favorites for later.

Creepy and lovely fabric heart ornaments from Fashirl. A small collection of designs currently available for $12-18 per heart.

Christmas with Cthulhu ornaments by Meatspider. These are lovingly hand-sculpted and hand-painted Lovecraftian originals currently ranging from $30-50. (Other delightful weirdness in his shop is available for as low as $10) I can’t personally vouch for the other sellers on this list, but I have purchased Meatspider art in the past and it was a pleasure.

Wait. No. Clearly I was mistaken earlier. THIS is the face from my nightmares. Horrifying one of a kind art dolls by WoodedWoods. Ornaments currently available from $35 to $55.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope this was helpful for those of you considering a little horror geekery on the tree this year. I’ll be back to talk about greeting cards, gifts and wrapping later. And if you discover any festive horror goodness, please share your finds! Now, if you’ll excuse me… Crowbait and I need to make some difficult tree decisions. Real or artificial this year?

We Belong Alive

Posted: October 8, 2010 by Jenny Dreadful in Art, News, Shopping
Attention, ladies and men who care about ladies! Fright Rags is currently offering a limited-edition shirt design to support Breast-Cancer Awareness. We Belong Alive. More information on their site.


"All proceeds from this exclusive shirt will be donated to Leisha Davison-Yasol who is currently battling breast cancer."


I would have posted this a week ago, but they sold out almost immediately. Luckily, it looks like they’ll be doing another print-run scheduled to be ready by the end of the month. You can pre-order now.