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frosty     Welcome to The Haunting of Helena, directed by Christian Bisceglia and Ascanio Malgarini.  The story concerns Sophia, a single mother, and her daughter, Helena, who move into a new house that they later discover has a murderous history.  Don’t they all? When Helena loses her first baby tooth, strange events begin to occur in the house, and around Helena in general.  Her mother tries to protect her, but she is no match for the ghostly Tooth Fairy.


No seriously, that’s what our villain is called.  There’s a fairly reasonable explanation, but I think the movie’s first failing is to use the silliest name for a ghost ever (aside from maybe The Easter Bunny.  Or, like, the Flag Day monster).  The Tooth Fairy moniker has been used before to represent a malevolent spirit, and it wasn’t scary then either.  Aside from that, the actual ghost figure in The Haunting of Helena is somewhat effective, particularly in the scenes where there aren’t any CGI additions.  That can be said for most of the effects in general – the best ones in this film are practical.

Helena and many, many teeth.

Despite the ridiculous name, the movie itself is interesting – it diverts from the traditional ghost story on a few occasions and brings in the possibility of mental illness in a believable way.  The actors portray their characters well, especially Sophia and Helena (yes, Helena looks like Sadako from The Ring series, but that annoyed me less than usual here).  There are some truly creepy setpieces – not everything works, but it’s worth a watch.  Just put that whole Tooth Fairy name out of your mind and enjoy the story.

frosty    Before I even start to review this movie, let’s all take a moment to reflect on titling your film “The Last” anything.  See, once you call something “the last (insert thing here, preferably scary), you’ve kind of given up your right for a sequel.  Hey, you called it the last, right?  Not in Hollywood, my friends!  There, you can have another Last Exorcism – which then makes the first one The Second-to-Last Exorcism?  What if there’s another sequel?  Sorry, We Really Thought That Other One Was the Last Exorcism?  I don’t mean to beat a dead (possessed) horse, it’s certainly not the only movie in the world with an unwieldy title.  So let’s talk about the actual film, and leave this title behind us.


The Last Exorcism 2 follows returning character Nell (played again by Ashley Bell) as she tries to move on from the ordeal she experienced in the first film.  She moves into a halfway house with a shrink and a few other girls and tries to begin a normal life.  But Abalam, the demon who impregnated her in the first film (maybe with her consent, maybe not???), isn’t done with her yet.  Nell is hounded by Abalam and his followers at every turn.  They thwart her attempts at a normal life (including a possible love interest) and implore her to let Abalam back into her, because only he loves her.  Racy stuff, people.  Nell tries to resist, but she still has a small piece of the demon inside her, so she tries another exorcism (because the last one worked out really well).

The hilarity of this movie is that it’s essentially a will they/won’t they comedy, except it’s horror and one of the “theys” is a demon.  Let me into you, only I love you, only I have ever cared for you – if these words were spoken by a dude and not a demon, we’d totally be in a rom-com.

Ashley Bell as Nell

The movie doesn’t have much going for it.  The plot is wafer-thin (WAFER-thin?  Get it?  Get it????), the supporting characters are undeveloped, and really, not much happens until the last 10 or so minutes of the film.  What it does have is Ashley Bell, and she is the saving grace of the film.  Bell has real talent – we’d already seen her knock it out of the park as Nell in the first Last Exorcism, and she brings just as much depth to this second last exorcism.  Nell has a sweet fragility about her, which makes her moments of temptation that much more affecting.  Her shaking hand as someone offers her a kindness, her terror mixed with desperate desire as she confronts Abalam in several forms – Bell makes all facets of the character believable.

In short, Bell is the reason to watch The Last Exorcism 2.  Pretty much the only reason.  But she’s a good reason.

Today we said goodbye to one of the most prolific and influential science fiction and fantasy writers of the past century. Bradbury turned out hundreds of short stories, novels, scripts, and screenplays over his long life and gave us science fiction that became literary classics. He elevated the cheap genre pulp into masterpieces like Fahrenheit 451 and gave us some truly terrifying ghost stories too.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to go watch Something Wicked This Way Comes. Bradbury adapted the script himself from his novel about a travelling carnival of the damned that tempts people to their doom with their greatest desires. It’s a fun, creepy Disney film that scared the hell out of me when I saw it as a kid.

The good cover art. Accept no lame imitations.

Looking back, it has its flaws. The child actors in the lead roles are not the best at their trade and a few of the special effects are quite dated. At the same time, Jonathan Pryce as Mr. Dark is a terrific devil. A menacing tempter with a heart of flint. And everyone’s favorite queen of the exploitation films, Pam Grier plays an evil witch!

Check it out. Even if it’s only for the nostalgia trip, it’s a trip worth taking.

Final Girl Photo Friday – 4/20/12

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Morning everyone!  Since FGSG recently taught a zombies in film course (and had a great time!), today’s Photo Friday will be in honor of George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”.  No matter what you think of the film, there’s no denying it changed the course of horror (and zombie) cinema forever.

They're coming to get you, Jenny! © Rae Winters

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Hopefully it’s zombie free.  ~SF.

Final Girl Photo Tuesday

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Hi everyone!  Yes, I know we normally do a Photo Friday, but I decided to change it this week.  Because I can.  Maybe I’ll have a Photo Wednesday too!  AND a Photo Friday!  You can’t stop me!  Okay, okay, anyway – I don’t know what you all do on weekends, but FGSG does awesome things, like finding our way back to the ghost house.  You know, like you do.  And of course, there just happened to be some photos taken…

This is what we do on weekends. We are awesome.
© Final Girl Support Group

More to come.  Hope everyone’s week is full of good surprises…


Final Girl Photo Friday – Ghost House 2

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   We’re sticking with the ghost theme today.  Because I like it.  Also because I didn’t have some sort of terrifying leprechaun photo to use.

© Final Girl Support Group

Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day my horror loving friends.  ~SF.

Final Girl Photo Friday – The Return!

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  Hi everyone.

Yeah, I know it’s been a while, and we’re sorry about that.  We swear we’re working on our top movies of the year and all sorts of other cool stuff, including the return of Photo Friday!  About a month or so ago, we have a photo shoot out by a creepy abandoned factory.  Because it was there.

We wanted to tell the story of the Final Girl’s journey in this shoot, and we did, but before we get into that I thought I’d put up a more ghostly image today.  If I already put this up on the blog forgive me, it’s still early and before coffee, when I am only half functional or less.  Happy weekend everyone, get out there and see a good movie.  ~SF

I'm sure it's perfectly safe... Photo © Final Girl Support Group, 2011